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    Romeo Delight
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    04.30.09 @ 07:39 PM
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    Default Drum set up-help needed

    I am hoping someone out there can help with this. My son has been playing drums for a while and wants to make a custom set of bass drums similar to what AVH uses. I have visitied the Guitar Center in LA where the old AVH (the striped kit from the 81 tour)set is set up. I took a couple hundred pics of that set to get ideas on how the bass drums were attached to each other. It is actually a very crude setup.
    I am hoping to find some custom tension rods to pull the bass drums together but haven't been able to find any. It would need to be something with both ends threaded but able to swivel in the middle so that the reverse threaded ends of the rod will pull together.
    Does anyone here know of any place where I could find something like this? I am also thinking of going to a maching shop to see if they can custom make something for us.
    Any help is very much appreciated!!!!!
    Thank you

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    05.24.18 @ 10:44 PM
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    That's cool! I have no idea how to make it happen. But it's cool!



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