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    Screener Fails To Recognize Fake Bomb At Tampa Airport

    Fake bomb parts slip by Tampa screener

    2 hours, 11 minutes ago

    Parts of a fake bomb slipped past a screener at Tampa International Airport, but the security breach only led to remedial training, the Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.

    An undercover agent wearing the small, simulated object passed by a security officer Friday, and a CNN crew filmed the incident. The object set off a metal detector, but the agent told the screener he had a metal knee, CNN reported.

    "It becomes a learning experience and it's part of our program to raise the bar on training," TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said. "If we had easy tests, we wouldn't be learning from them."

    The Tampa airport was selected for the security exercise because it was next in the agency's testing rotation, another TSA spokesman told The Tampa Tribune in an e-mail.

    "This testing is not designed to test an individual officer or airport, but to find vulnerabilities in the system and drive improvement through training," TSA spokesman Jonathan Allen said. "Immediate remedial training was provided to the officer."

    Tampa International Airport spokeswoman Kelly Figley directed questions to the TSA.
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    I know a woman who travels alot and she gets pulled out of line because she has a dildo in her carry on bag and they always open it ...but the dumb fucks dont know what bomb parts look like...LOL



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