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    03.01.12 @ 04:52 PM
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    Default Freezing in the North and I'm laughing at Vancouver

    Where I am, it is now -28.8 C (-19.8 F) with a windchill of -37 C (-35 F). Yesterday, it was -34 C (-29.2 F) and the day before it was -29 C (-20 F) with a windchill of -38 C (-36 F). Schools open, people going to work, well except for me (my kid has a fever of 39.9 C), and the roads are fine.

    Vancouver BC is currently 0.4 C (32.7 F), 5 cm of snow (2 inches), schools, universities, colleges shutting down and snowplow trucks out all night trying to clear 5 cm of snow! LOL! All I can think of the Simpsons when they declared Snow Day, the greatest day in summer!
    Homer: No one snuggles with Max Power. Just strap on and feel the Gs!

    American Coast Guard: Back off Canadians we got them.
    Canadian Coast Guard: You back off hosers, they are in Canadian waters, eh.
    American Coast Guard: Beat it you puck smacking maple suckers!
    Canadian Coast Guard: Take a hike you Shatner stealing Mexico touchers!

    Bart: Who the hell is this?
    Jack Bauer: I’m Jack Bauer, who the hell is this?
    Bart: Me, er… I’m Ahmed Adudi
    Jack: Chloe, get me all you can on Ahmed Adudi… Does anyone there know Ahmed Adudi?
    Chloe O’Brien: Ahmed Adudi; wealthy Saudi financier… Disappeared into Afghanistan in the late 90s…
    Jack: … Really?
    Chloe (ironically): No Jack it’s a joke name, you’re being set up.
    Jack: DAMMIT!

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    Now that's fuckin cold.

    Closing bro, due to having a weather thread already roun' heres.
    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

    Gunter glieben glauchen globen



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