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Thread: The stranglers

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    Default The stranglers

    Back when I was 12 or so I found my first musical love. These guys were probably the most original bunch of musicians I have ever heard and also managed to make some commercial success too.

    They never really left England so I thought I'd post here for my American friends who may never have had the opportunity to hear this rowdy bunch of raw yet talented chaps.

    Give it a listen, you may find you've heard some of these tunes and never knew who it was.

    Golden Brown, probably their biggest hit, even though it's obviously about heroin.

    Peaches, a bloody classic

    Duchess, banned by the BBC at the time for who the fuck knows why....

    Nuclear device, funny video.....

    A cover of baccarach's Walk on by. When they weren't beating the shit out of journalists they would go on TV and act very pissed off and lip synch as badly as they could..

    also, Nice and sleazy, live in London. Instead of getting some professional strippers to dance on stage they just went local and got a load of prostitutes to do the stage act instead. One of their many nights in jail ensued I seem to remember. This one is probably not going to be considered work friendly by your boss or any other nazi.
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    03.02.10 @ 02:28 PM
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    I believe that The Stranglers did several American tours. Here, they caught on with those who gravitated toward English punk music, though never reached the heights they did in England, much like the Jam. I agree that Hugh Cornwall had a very distinctive voice and writing style but what really set them apart was that swirling organ.

    The thing about the Stranglers was that they were older than most musicians in that scene, mostly middle class and, for the most part, more well-educated. For those reasons they were initially ostracized by followers of punk.

    Hugh Cornwall is currently doing a short (I believe just NY and LA) tour here opening for Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, who bill themselves as, "From The Jam."

    They always were one of my favorites. And you forgot 'Hanging Around."
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