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    Default So after 9 years of my D-Tuna working perfectly...

    ...on my Peavey Wolfgang US Special, I have decided to go back to standard tuning from 1/2 a step down.

    And now I can't get the D-Tuna to work properly for the first time ever. When it is tuned to D and disengaged, and I then engage it, I cannot get the D-Tuna to raise it significantly passed D#. I have never had this issue before ever. When I do tighten the adjustment screw, I have to screw it in so far to try to get it to E, that the D-Tuna because unusable, and will not slide in and out. I have taken it off and inspected it,and cannot find anything structurally wrong.

    I bought this guitar in 1999, and have always done my own D-Tuna adjustments. Sometimes it is tedious, but it has always brought me from C# to D#, so I don't understand why I can't get it to work in standard.

    I have had this a while, so I am wondering if these just wear out with friction over time, or if there is something to look would be appreciated.

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    Do all of the following with the locking nuts UNLOCKED...

    Pull the set screw out more--so it does not affect the tuning in the D position at all. Keep the fine tuner on the Floyd out almost all the way. Tune your string to a D. Push in the D-Tuna. Use the set screw to bring the pitch up to E. Repeat the process once or twice more, then lock the nut down and do it again.

    I'm guessing that having the set screw in so far as affected the way the D needs to be tuned, thus you can't set it properly for E.



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