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    04.27.18 @ 01:59 PM
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    Default *** REVIEWS - Las Vegas, NV - 12.28.07 ***

    Mods must all be rockin' out in Vegas. Please keep it to reviews only.

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    01.25.17 @ 03:18 AM
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    This was the 2nd time I saw them on this tour , 1st time in NYC.

    Great show tonight, no surprises. But Dave had a Vegas slant to his Ice Cream Man story.

    Crowd seemed really into it. Band had alot of energy. Very powerful stuff.

    Adam Sandler and Kevin James were sitting a few rows behind me in section l16 next to stage. David Spade and Kevin Farley were a couple of rows behind me one section over. Cool to see those guys are fans of VH and came out to the show.

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    01.24.08 @ 07:34 AM
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    Default Vegas

    This is my second show of the tour and it started off amazing, but as it went on it reminded me of the 2004 tour with Hagar.

    Dave was on fire! He sang and performed his ass off. He is getting better as the tour goes on.

    Al - His drum sound live is amazing. Either he or Ed was off on timing tonight and I bet it was Ed because Al never messes up like that.

    Wolfie - Well I eat crow here. I defended him and said over and over again he is playing and singing but I AM WRONG. He is playing to another bass player. Seriously if you go to a show watch Mean Street and Little Guitars, he will be strumming his bass or not playing at all and the bass lines continued. As a fellow musician I was upset that this is happening. The background vocals are live and piped in as well. I dont mind that as much but 2 bass players needed? WTF!

    Ed - He started off amazing but after 4 songs he lost interest and started noodling around and hacking the songs. His amp sound turned from very good to a chainsaw and hurting my ears. His guitar solo tonight was a joke, he couldnt play Eruption or Cathedral to save his life. I know this will start an issues but here I go - I believe Ed was drinking. As the concert progressed Ed got lost in his own world. He started doing shit like wrapping guitar cable around his neck, hitting all the buttons on his pedal board, soloing instead of playing the correct parts, and was stopped singing background vocals. Wolfie ran over to him many times during jump to get him to sing but Ed even ignored him. My son who has met and seen Van Halen for 10 years live said this show was a sad day for him, I agree.

    The show started off sounding and was amazing but then Ed got bored and it fell apart.

    I am going Sunday and I know it will be better. I am hoping that it was a bad night and not the beginning of 2004 Ed again.

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    07.12.15 @ 03:46 PM
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    My first (and only) review...

    The show started out with the revelation that we had been screwed hard by Ticketmaster. I don't want to get too into it, but I bought my tickets online the minute they went on sale, clicked "best available" and got seats that were practically behind the stage in the rafters. How these were the "best available" at 10:05 on day of sale is absofuckinglutely beyond me. I'm not a regular concert goer, I don't know the ins and outs of concert ticket purchasing (it seems to be a combination art/battle these days) so I don't know what I did wrong - but suffice it to say we were so "to the side" (Ed's side) that we couldn't even see the video screen. Major WTF. Why these didn't come with an "obstructed view" discount (so I would know NOT to buy them) is a mystery. Fuck ticketmaster. I know, real original sentiment there.

    Once the show started my mood improved because the band was tighter than I could have possibly imagined they would be. They were ON for three or four songs.

    Then something happened. It's been mentioned above by Farside, but Ed's playing degenerated over the course of the night. The band got sloppier as they went along. Panama, Little Dreamer, and Little Guitars were a mess. Farside covered the solo, so I'll leave it alone.

    Now at the risk of coming across as a Dave or the Graver this is 100% Dave's show. He is a consummate professional from start to finish (who thought we'd be saying that a year ago). Yes, Ed is still a freakin' guitar hero, and Alex is a solid and spectacular drummer and Wolfgang holds his own, but DLR was so tight and so on, it really makes ya wonder what the last 23 years would have been like if Dave had been so "with it," if you know what I mean. Dave - much as I love him -- descended into self-parody many, many summers ago, but his performance tonight (and on the whole tour) doesn't belie that in the least. The guy is a fucking rock star. He didn't miss a beat or a note. It was incredibly thrilling to see him at the top of his game after decades of wondering what the hell goes on in his head (and hearing all the punchlines about him).

    Overall, the show was everything I thought it would be. Awesome, fun, thrilling, exciting, and of course a bit frustrating. I think - as many have pointed out before -- the set list sags a bit towards the middle end. I don't want to say the show is too long because i could listen to them play for a lot longer than that without getting tired of it, but something about the song order was just.... weird.

    I didn't think Ed was drunk, I thought he was over the tour. He seemed bored more than anything. Yet Dave still manages to keep those well-rehearsed moments of spontenaity seem... well, spontaneous. Funny, I had never heard anyone mention Dave's motorcycle sound effects display in any previous review. It was pretty damn humorous. Michael Winslow eat your heart out. His reference to having been fired by the same casino we were seeing him in was a funny touch as well.

    I don't like drum solos, but Big Al's Strobe light and Miami Sound Machine Extravaganza was... well, let's just say now I REALLY don't like drum solos. That was the clunker of the night for me.

    Overall, it was a great show that got sloppy in places - but hey, that's rock and roll.
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    What once upon a time made Van Halen unique in the progression of metal and hard rock (besides Eddie’s prowess as a guitarist) was its sense of fun, its willingness to be not just over the top, but weird.

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    12.31.07 @ 06:48 PM
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    Default Vegas

    Well, I have to say I agree with the other reviews. The show started off rocking, but it did seem too long; like a 3 hour movie that should have left some on the cutting room floor. Some of the songs were awesome, some were good, and some left us saying, "huh?"
    I don't know if Wolfie had help. Our seats were far away, and he was not highlighted by the camera often (devil's advocate would say that was why , I dunno). I thought he did well, but he only smiled or seemed to be having fun when his dad played near him. If the vocals and bass were piped in, we couldn't tell, so I guess ignorance is bliss.
    Eddie looked like he needed a sandwich and a good night's sleep, but he didn't seem drunk. He did seem to be annoyed by DLR's air guitar while he was playing. You could almost see Eddie thinking "how many nights of this do I have left?" Anyway, it was a true thrill to see one of the guitar greats live. He had a blast with Wolfie.
    DLR was very put together and "on" until the last song. He seemed to be having the time of his life on this "401K tour." He was entertaining, a little raunchy, quite funny, and I enjoyed the acoustic guitar.
    I was very disappointed by their performance of "Jump;" especially since it was their final song and I had waited 22 years to hear it live!! A while back I saw DLR on TV with his blue grass band. Yes, his blue grass band. He did a version of "Jump" that was pitiful. The Vegas performance was no better. WTF ? Where was the ball-busting, take it to the rafters energy that should have been there? It sucked . Not the best way to end the night, but overall it was fun. I enjoyed my $7 beer, $40 t-shirt and the ear ringing that lasted until the next morning.

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    06.20.18 @ 09:08 PM
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    I didn't want to support this tour for several reasons, but the wife bought me tickets to see the show for Christmas, so I took a brief Vegas vacation and went. Anyway, the show was really good in some aspects, not so good in others. I loved Dave, after the horrific performance I saw out of him in 2002, he was great. He was solid all night and I was very impressed by his performance. Alex was solid as well, he just seems to get better every time I see him. I liked the set list, although I could do without I'll Wait.

    Wolfgang was an enigma to me. On one hand he seemed passable, his bass sound is shit, although his dad is said to be the basis for that, but on the other hand there were at least a couple of times there was bass being played, but Wolf's hands were not on the neck. I don't understand why they would do that, but that's the way it was.

    Folks, the hardest thing for me to write is that Ed's done as a guitarist. He can play the riffs, for the most part, but any thoughts that he's going to approach his own legacy is just wishful thinking. His solo was 13 minutes of someone who seemed to have heard Little Guitars, Spanish Fly, 316, Cathedral, and Eruption and was going to haphazardly attempt to play them, along with beating the strings with a drumstick. Very little artistic or stylistic merit to the solo. I mean he even blew the turnaround in 316, very disappointing.

    The sound of the show was off as well, way too much treble, there was no bottom end to the whole production. Usually Alex's drums are as much a physical assault as an aural one, not Friday, the overall sound seemed hollow.

    Overall, I'm glad I saw the show, but I missed seeing Michael Anthony up there. Would he have made this a better show? I think so, if nothing else the shit sandwich that is Wolf's (or whoever's) bass tone would be gone.



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