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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default Muslims Encouraging Christmas Celebrations in UK Schools

    Muslim leaders join the U.K. Commission for Equality and Human Rights in urging Britons to enjoy Christmas, and not worry about offending non-Christians.

    The urging comes amid reports of schools cancelling nativity plays in order not to offend Muslims and students of other religions.

    Listen Here:
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    05.20.18 @ 07:50 PM
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    In my experience, a lot of the 'politically correct christmas nonsense isnt coming from 'offended muslims' - by and large they either don't give a rats about it, or just enjoy the shopping!

    It's coming from your average whitey management type who THINKS he/she is doing the right thing but is just driving the racial wedge in even further.

    For instance every year down here theres newspaper reports and radio callers claiming shopping centers are not doing christmas decorations this year. Some of these reports go further and claim that 'local muslims are protesting christmas'. Which is all a complete crock of shit. I've been to the shopping centers in question. Always decorated. Santa doing his thing. No problem.It doesnt even make any sense. Shopping centers are hardly about to chuck out their biggest money spinner of the year, and the only hordes of angry muslims you are likely to see are ones at the Kmart counter trying to get a raincheck on cheap bath towels.

    I dunno. I've been working with some Muslim guys now for a couple years, been to a Muslim wedding (which seemed to mainly involve a hell of a lot of dancing, and no one seemed terribly fussed by my drinking about 15 beers, which they happily provided) and can't help but feel the average Muslim guy is getting a pretty rough shake at the moment. The stereotyping is getting really bad.

    One of the problems they do seem to have though is not enough of them step up and clarify their positions as these ones in the UK have. It wouldn't hurt them to do a little more PR down here.
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