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Thread: Japan

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    11.19.17 @ 08:41 AM
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    Default Japan

    ok, I'll probably get hammered for starting this thread and it won't see more than a day or two but this was one of those bands i hated in the early 80's, mainly because my sister liked them.

    Got into them big about six or seven years ago, long after they departed, except for the "Rain tree crow" album. I've just bought the entire catalogue on reissue cd and it still sounds as fresh as anything out there to my ears.

    For the musicians out there, Mick Karn was, and still is, one of the "slinkiest" bass players ever and nobody to my mind has ever managed to anticipate the beat on the snare quite like Jansen......

    For what it's worth,,,,,,,,"Still Life in Mobile Homes"

    (and this is live remember, tight, tight, tight....)

    A man could lose himself in a country like this.

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    07.24.11 @ 03:36 PM
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    hahaha...i thought this thread was going to be about how people in Japan still salivate over bands like Winger and Trixter!

    I remember for years the joke we had going around in our circle whenever we saw something we didn't like was "yeah, but it's huge in japan!"

    anyway...i've never heard of the band japan...but I felt the need to share that little thought with you...

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    03.02.10 @ 02:28 PM
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    I became interested in Japan (no, not the country, Broken 9500) because of their obvious New York Dolls fanship. David Sylvian, subtle. I bought an import copy of the oriiginal album of "Oil On Canvas" primarily because of Sylvian's cover artwork (which, subsequently became a collectors' piece). Though I enjoyed "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" and one more song, the title of which escapes me, the band's appeal, for the most part, eluded me. I think it was Sylvian's voice.

    It's funny because I much preferred their New Romantic spawn.
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