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    07.20.18 @ 11:34 AM
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    Default Mom, 3 girls die in van

    A mother and her three daughters died after their van plunged into a retention pond. WRTV's Jennifer Carmack reports.
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    07.24.11 @ 03:36 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by voivod View Post

    A mother and her three daughters died after their van plunged into a retention pond. WRTV's Jennifer Carmack reports.
    now i'm not making light because this is a sad story...that man lost his entire family in a blink of an eye...But two things struck me about this. 1. That it was an Indian family. Most of the time these "tragedy strikes a suburban family" stories are always about white families. So that was interesting. 2. As sad as this is, it doesn't seem like that kind of thing that should be on a national news site. To me it's symptomatic of having so many 24 hour news outlets and their need to fill time on the air and space on a website.

    I guess the question I ask is "why do I need to know this happened?" As someone living no where near these people or that city, why is it important ie: news worthy that they died? Seems to me that's a local story. I already know that tragedy strikes innocent people all the time. It's the eternal question that religion and philosophy has struggled to answer and reconcile for thousands of years. So that being the case, and the fact that most of us do not live in Carmel Indiana, what purpose does it serve? Do we really need to be reminded that bad things happen to good people?

    Unfortunately I dont expect the current state of "news" to fact, I expect the opposite. I expect it to continue to become more and watered down, more and more national in scope erasing the boundaries between neighbhourhoods, local, state and national and eventually become international. People are starving for it. They starve for up to the second news on whatever the fuck brittany spears is wearing, where Hulk Hogan's daughter is eating lunch etc etc and right along with that is the desperate need to hear about every little kid that goes missing, every example of teacher "misconduct," every example of everythign period they can get their hands on. I really do believe this to be a sickness that, if not already occurring, will soon become a method of mind control.

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    06.30.18 @ 09:54 AM
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    Well at least the national news doesn't report on the 1 year old babies in Palestine who are strapped with explosives and put inside markets in Jerusalem. Doesn't fit their agenda.
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