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    07.20.18 @ 11:34 AM
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    Electricity up for sale on Ebay

    This auction is for a megawatt of electricty. The retail value is $119.00.

    The cost of electricity -- like the weather -- is something people discuss but never do anything about. But now, a select group of consumers can name their own price for power.

    MXenergy is offering a brand-new megawatt (1,000 kilowatt hours) of electricity in excellent condition, only to bidders who live in Connecticut’s United Illuminating market, which serves customers in 17 municipalities from Fairfield to North Branford and north to Hamden.

    An average household uses approximately 10 megawatt hours per year, and bidders have been 'empowered' to set their own rate for electricity.

    We are auctioning one Megawatt since a kWh is too small for eBay. So at the end of the auction we will divide the winning bid by 1,000 to determine the kWh rate. The high bidder can purchase their electricity from MXenergy for one year at that rate.

    The winning bidder would be required to sign up for MXenergy electricity service in the United Illuminating territory, but unlike other customers, would pay the price set through an online auction.

    United Illuminating will deliver electricity to your meter, and it will be as reliable as ever. You will continue to receive one bill from UI and you will still call UI for service or to report a power outage. No hassles, no fuss.

    Electricity will be purchased from MXenergy, a licensed supplier of electricity for the United Illuminating Company. They are in no way affiliated with this offer.
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    06.20.18 @ 09:29 PM
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    Hey they're selling power?? I want power!

    Boy what will they think of next?
    RIP - Classic Van Halen

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