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    Default Post Ahmet Ertegun concert news...

    Naomi Campbell Mugged at Zeppelin Concert

    Would it be an event if Naomi Campbell weren’t somehow at the center of things? While Led Zeppelin reunited in London to memorialize Atlantic Records’ Ahmet Ertegun, the supermodel was in a luxury box at the O2 Arena getting mugged.

    As the show ended I ran into her coming out of the VIP exit. She was having a fight with one of the security men. As we passed, she announced to me, "Someone stole my handbag. It had two phones in it!"

    It’s unclear whether Campbell reported the crime or how it happened. She made her complaint to security and then exited through the VIP section while thousands upon thousands of music fans swarmed over her.

    She was the only celebrity known to have had a problem at a concert that was filled with A-list names. Mick Jagger, for example, attended the show with girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, while his children, Georgia and James, came with their mother, Jerry Hall.

    The two groups did not run into each other. Hall and kids were satisfied to sit in very good seats at the side of the stage near Bob Geldof, while Jagger was seated in resort mogul Sol Kerzner’s private box with Mica Ertegun and James Taylor.

    Elsewhere in the O2 Arena lots of other celebrities watched Zeppelin and a stellar roster of musicians put together by producer Harvey Goldsmith pay tribute to the memory of Ahmet Ertegun. They ran the gamut from Rosanna Arquette to guitarist extraordinaire Jeff Beck.

    Arquette’s friend Paul McCartney was expected but not seen although his security man arrived and lingered near Arquette in the VIP café before the show.

    Also seen in the café were the entire Presley family — Priscilla, Lisa Marie, Riley and son Ben. The four appeared to have cornered the London market on mascara, and Priscilla now looks like Morticia Adams. Why? Who knows?

    Juliette Lewis also was spotted in the O2, as was Nile Rodgers, New York radio personality Carol Miller, Will Arnett of "Saturday Night Live," legendary '60s pop icon Lulu with rock jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and, ultimately, Foreigner’s Mick Jones, who played one song — "I Want to Know What Love Is" — with a full band and girls’ choir as a tribute to Ertegun.

    Jones wasn’t the only Atlantic alumnus on the bill preceding Led Zeppelin. Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman played at the concert and official after party with his Rhythm Kings featuring Albert Lee. At the after party, Wyman started the show that then featured in succession a group of Atlantic all-star R&B performers whose CDs still sell for the label, some more than current acts. They included Sam Moore, Percy Sledge, Ben E. King, and Solomon Burke.

    But just to demonstrate how much the new Warner and Atlantic have nothing do with Ertegun’s fabled label, no executives from the current company bothered to come see those performances.

    In fact, Warner Music had its own private party in competition with the official after party and its own artists. These included execs from Rhino Records, which now administers Atlantic’s Ertegun-created catalog that includes Moore, Sledge, King and Burke. Unbelievable, no?

    But the after party at Club Indigo on the O2 campus was packed to the rafters while Moore wowed them with "Soul Man," "Money," "I Can’t Turn You Loose," a tribute to Billy Preston on "You Are So Beautiful," and a gorgeous duet with Rodgers on "We Shall Be Free."

    Percy Sledge followed with "When a Man Loves a Woman," King offered a tribute to the great Atlantic group the Drifters, and Burke brought his famous throne and gospel soul tones.

    It was the real Atlantic Records or, as Robert Plant said during the Led Zeppelin show, a tribute to when Atlantic was "the most magnificent record company on the planet."
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    i bet she was really mad cause she did'nt have a phone to hurl at somebody!!
    I used to wonder why he was grinning all the time(Michael Ian Black talkin about EVH on VH1 I love the 80's) but then i realized the reason he's grinning is because he's Eddie F*#king Van Halen

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    Really. Talk about irony. The one thing she loses is synonymous with her misdeeds. That is hilarious. I want to feel bad for her, but....well....she's a bitch so I can't.
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