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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    Default Al Qaeda Infiltrating Australian Prisons

    Seems that inmates in Australia's larger prisons have been found studying Al Qaeda manual while planning a take-over of those facilities:

    The latest crackdown followed the disclosure this year that a third of the state's most dangerous criminals held in the highest-security jail in Australia, the Super Max facility inside Goulburn jail, were Muslim fundamentalists or converts to Islam.
    Some of the Aussies on this board need to help me out here, who are these people? Who gets maximum security in Australia? Why would they convert to Islam?

    Either way, Australia needs to think hard and think fast about how they plan to procede.

    I just find it funny that Australia has almost nothing to do with middle eastern politics outside of helping us out in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet Al Qaeda has decided to tagret and move into Australia. The objective is simple because Indonesia is just to the north and AQ's ultimate plan is all about global Islamic rule.
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    07.19.18 @ 12:08 AM
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    First I have heard of it, but anyhoo..

    We don't do the death penalty thing down here, so Max security is pretty much every numbskull you can think of. Serial killers & spree killers would feature in there although we don't have the amount of those that the US might produce.

    The vast majority would be your common garden variety murderers, armed robbers & rapists I would imagine
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