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    03.07.10 @ 05:18 AM
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    Impossibility, At Least For Me: Metheny's "James"...

    Regarding Pat Metheny's "James"...This is the kind of thing that drives me bananas: Look at the chords that are used to create the melody to this tune. I have no trouble sitting there and figuring out leads and stuff to hard rock/progressive records, yet when faced with a tune (that I truly love) like this, I'm completely stumped. There are no Johnny Winter licks to fall back on, and my knowledge of rock and roll chording simply will not make it.

    Here are two versions of the tune. The first is a short by a fellow on a nylon string, the second is Metheny's own trio (which actually seems easier to play ).

    "James"(Pat Metheny)-by Camarasa (2:54)

    Pat Metheny Trio "James" (5:40)
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    06.07.15 @ 09:30 AM
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    It's fun to learn and play stuff like that. I hope you give it a shot, Craig. I'm sure there's a tab online somewhere.

    My two cents is that the song won't sound good until you understand the chords you're playing, and that takes some time. It also makes the tune easier to memorize if you can put names on the shapes you're making.

    The book I learned from is Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry. I hope it's still in print. I haven't checked for a while.

    A quick exercise I can recommend is playing major scales on single strings. Start with the big E string and play an E major scale on it, then an F scale, then an F#, and so on.

    One thing I tell my students is, "chords are scales and scales are chords".
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    04.02.15 @ 06:26 AM
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    i have to admit, i loved that
    i seem to remember my dad playing something similar to that when i was younger but couldnt be sure if it was that tune or not coz its been a while, he had an ear for tunes like that and could play them virtualy instantly by ear as he was listening to them, a gene which has unfortunatly passed me by unless its a pentatonic based rock tune..lmao honestly the things he can play amaze me im pretty sure he makes up his own chords and inversions coz i could never figure what he was playing!...but i'm rambling now
    i would suggest learnig some jazz stuff and learning some of the theory behind it...have a go at leaning it in your own way

    and best of luck buddy

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