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    01.10.12 @ 11:54 AM
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    Kramer Guitar Giveaway - Rare video!

    Cool video of Eddie giving away his Kramer @ NAMM 1985. There's a funny part where EVH bums smokes off somebody!


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    07.15.18 @ 02:52 PM
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    That was cool. I think I've seen a couple of those pics from that thing. That dude must have been on cloud nine the whole time he was there. Thanks for the vid. Out.

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    08.10.17 @ 05:04 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeppVH View Post
    Cool video of Eddie giving away his Kramer @ NAMM 1985. There's a funny part where EVH bums smokes off somebody!

    Ed says "Can I bum a couple?...How 'bout 3?" and he takes them and slips them in his pocket then the person with the cigaretts must have had a realization who he was actually talking to 'cause there's a pause for a second and he says "Just take the whole pack" and hands it to him...HA! It 's like "Hmm, I dunno man, don't take 'em all...WAITAMINUTE SHIT! It's Eddie Van Halen!!! Take the whole fucking pack, man!!"

    Gahhh, the life of a rock star.
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