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    Default SUX Review (Sioux City)

    My wifey and I along with a buddy and his 14yo son made it to Sioux City (now known as SUX: a long time omen turned new PR stunt. It is from the airport bagage acronym) to see Sammy and Co., and what a great time we had.

    One thing for sure, MA has much more stage precense than Wolfy. But, as I have said in my other posts up in the '07 Tour forum: Wolfy will only get better. I saw '07VH in Minneapolis and KC, and will see them again in Omaha. It is too bad that MA cant somehow be a part of '07 VH. it just isnt right. Anyways... it was awesome seeing MA up on stage having a great time. I didnt realize his voice was as prominate on the classic VH tunes as it was. He sang them to a perfect "T".

    Sammy is better on his own, IMO. When he can surf the stage, strut with the other band members, sign some autographs, and mingle with the crowd... he is at his best. I saw him w/ VH in '04 at three different concerts (Omaha, Ames, and Rapid City) and I dont think I saw him have as much fun at those three concerts as I did in SUX last night (17Nov07). Mona and Vic are great. Vic played "Poundcake" very well. He had the drill sound down without the drill . Sammy and Co. put on a great show.

    It was awesome to hear "Good Enough", BoBW, MA's RWTD, etc etc. My buddy and I, whom are both big VH fans had a great time, we jumped and yelled like a bunch of groupies. My wifey who prefers SH to DLR due to his crowd friendly attitude and more familiar songs had a great time as well, although she wasnt quite so giddy.

    Sam is still a little bitter at the execs in St Looey. We have fun with the "Miller Time".

    Good show. I'll see him and Co. again when they come around for sure.

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    Posted this review elsewhere. Forgot to add it here:

    Okay...we're home. To pick up where I left off last
    night after getting back to the hotel, the show was
    outfuckingstanding. I will agree with what the other
    person who posted their short feelings about the show;
    it was a little too short for my liking, but, what are
    you gonna do? Considering the cost of each ticket, and
    what Van Halen is asking for their ticket prices, I'm
    still of the opinion that anyone who attended last
    night's show got their money's worth. If you still
    feel robbed, well...wah-fucking- wah. My only other
    complaint would be that since this was the final night
    of the tour, yes, it could've, and should've, gone on
    a little longer, or pulled out a few lesser-played
    tunes or covers.

    Now, as for the show...

    Mike opened with his part of the show with some good
    ol' Chicago blues, courtesy of John Lee Hooker's "Boom
    Boom Boom" from the mixing desk. The Mad Anthony
    Express kicked off with "Runnin' With The Devil", and
    tore it up from that point on. Hearing rarities such
    as "Hear About It Later" and "Bottoms Up!" was the
    pinnacle for me, as well as their cover of ZZ Top's
    "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers". Vic sounds great on
    vocals, and, I'm glad to see he's finally pretty much
    nailed down Ed's sound when it comes to playing
    classic VH tunes. I say that because, and I know I'll
    get crucified for this, so I don't really care, but
    I've always felt that as good a guitar player Vic is,
    I've never really been satisfied when it came to him
    playing VH tunes. I even hesitate to say he's somewhat
    "butchered" them. But, as a longtime, hardcore fan of
    VH, people like me will pay close attention when it
    comes to someone other than EVH playing VH tunes. It's
    one thing to hear it live and in person. But, it's
    another when you listen to a bootleg and you can
    actually hear the difference. But, playing on this
    tour with Mike, he's really outdone himself. It's
    pretty sad when he can play the guitar parts on VH
    songs better than Eddie himself, and Ed's (supposedly)

    As a supporter of Mike, I really hate seeing him doing
    this. I'd rather see him playing with VH, but, we all
    know that's not going to happen anytime soon. It's
    almost bittersweet, seeing him play classic VH songs
    and the odd cover just because some gifted alcoholic
    asshole has had a serious lapse in judgement. Do I
    feel sorry for Mike? Yes, a little. But, at least with
    Sam, I know he's actually having real fun, in a
    positive environment, and with someone who's not only
    a real friend, but truly wants him around.

    Sam opened his show with "Shaka Doobie", and
    immediately launched into signing stuff before he
    could start singing, so it took a few extra minutes to
    get the song going. Everyone pretty much got an
    extended intro to the song. "Piece of My Heart" was
    featured", along with "Open". I looked around during
    "Open", and it was evident not too many, if any,
    people knew this song. I saw maybe 3 people up onstage
    in the Cantina crowd who knew the words. Everyone else
    around me just kinda bopped around to the music. The
    song is sounding much better live than it initially
    did. Sam's voice was in great form, too. It sounded a
    hell of a lot better than it did when he toured with
    VH in '04. He didn't sound strained, or hoarse, and he
    wasn't trying to hit notes he knows he can't hit

    My favorite part of the show? Loni (mywife) & I took a plastic
    water bottle of sand we collected on our trip to Cabo
    in '02 to the show last night. Even with her foot in a
    walking cast, she managed to get from our seats (8th
    row floor) to the foot of the stage, and toss the
    bottle to Sam. While she was trying to pass it to him,
    from she told me after the show, a security goon was
    doing his best to prevent her from completing her
    goal. Sam saw this, and told the security weenie, "No,
    she's alright...she' s alright!" The guy had no choice
    but to leave Loni alone, and Sam ended up getting the
    bottle from her after all. After getting the bottle,
    he said, "We're in Cabo now! This is from's
    legal!" I later told Loni it was ironic that he was
    playing that song when she got the sand to him.

    Mike came out later for The Other Half. They played
    "Good Enough" (which I was very happy to hear!),
    "Poundcake", and "Best of Both Worlds". Sam prefaced
    the set by talking about his "Miller-gate" incident,
    and didn't seem too broken up about it. He did state
    "Don't get me wrong, I do love my St. Louis fans, but
    those guys up in corporate... well, I'll just say it
    again...IT'S MILLER TIME!!!" Sounds like theres no
    love lost between him and AB, if you ask me. Again,
    Vic really kicked ass on the VH tunes, and even threw
    in a little of his own style here and there, which
    complemented the songs greatly. The worst part of the
    set was the skank-ass crack whore he hired on as one
    of his waitresses for the show. She made it as point
    to be on stage as much as possible. More on her later.

    Two funny incidents happened during this set, though.
    While the band was running through "Good Enough", Mona
    kept running onto the stage to swipe bottles of Miller
    that the stagehands had placed in a makeshift ice
    bucket on Bro's drum riser. As quickly as they
    replaced them, she was running out to get them, and as
    Sam would turn around to get one, he'd see they were
    gone. He had this puzzled look on his face as to why
    Mona kept running past him so many times. The other
    one was, at the beginning of "Best of Both Worlds",
    when Sam and Mike lined themselves up to do the "5150
    walk", Mona, Kevin Dugan, and any available stagehand
    fell in behind them and they all did the 5150 walk
    across the stage with them. I really don't think that
    was planned on Sam's part, because when he looked in
    back of him and saw everyone he did look a little
    shocked. The audience totally got off on that. Someone
    from Fontana in the third or fourth row managed to get
    Sam's attention for a few minutes, and Sam kidded him
    with a "Do you have a warrant for my arrest?"

    Mona came back out for the second half, and they
    launched into "Serious JuJu". The set closer was a
    beautifully done acoustic version of "Dreams", with
    Mike on bass and Mona accompanying Vic on acoustic
    guitar. I've always been against artists re-recording
    their old songs and re-issuing them, but I really
    think this would be a great song for him to re-record
    and include on his next release just as he's played it
    live, "unplugged" style.

    One of the waitresses he hired for this show is damn
    near guaranteed to never be invited back. She got
    totally hammered, and by the end of the set was just a
    plain nuisance and inebriated mess. She waltzed out
    during "Mas Tequila", and pretty much made the stage
    her home until she was physically escorted off by one
    of Sammy's staff. This chick was all over Sam and
    Mike, and they both were doing their best to dodge
    her. Loni was at the foot of the stage by this pint,
    and even caught Mike getting frustrated with her and
    telling her "Knock it off", "Okay, enough", waving her
    off, and she returned the favor by staring him down
    and flipping him off right to his face. She did the
    same thing to Sam several times. None of this was
    imagined or the result of an alcoholic stupor. I don't
    drink and I know what I saw. I've never seen ANY of
    the waitresses hired for the shows behave in this
    manner. Ever. Sam tried to make light of her by saying
    "My waitress had a little too much to drink", but he
    didn't look too enthused about her.

    Sam ended the show by thanking everyone for allowing
    him to continue on with his career for as long as he's
    been doing it. It was a great show, one of the better
    ones I've seen. It was a nice venue, but their
    security left something to be desired. I could've
    walked in their with my own mixing desk, recording
    gear, and camera equipment, and it would've gone
    completely unnoticed. No pat-downs. No metal
    detectors. No wands. We were allowed to go in and out
    of the venue without any problems. The audio mix was
    decent. I didn't hear anything then, or now, out of
    the ordinary indicating that the audio was set too low
    or high. Sam's first half of the set clocked in at
    37:26 ans the second half was 56:26, roughly a little
    more than 90 minutes. Like I said previously, it being
    the end of the tour, I felt it could've gone on a
    little longer as a special "end-of-the- tour" surprise
    or something. But, we still had a great time and the
    round-trip drive was worth it.


    Mad Anthony Express
    1 Boom, Boom, Boom (John Lee Hooker audio)
    2 Runnin' with The Devil
    3 Light Up the Sky
    4 D.O.A(Dead or Alive)
    5 Hear About it Later
    6 Little Dreamer
    7 Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top Cover)
    8 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    9 Bottoms Up!
    10 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

    Sammy Hagar

    1 Mexico (mixing desk audio)
    2 Shaka Doobie
    3 One Way To Rock
    3 Piece of My Heart
    4 I'll Fall In Love Agian
    5 Open
    6 Three Lock Box
    7 The Girl Gets Around

    The Other Half
    8 Good Enough
    9 Poundcake
    10 Best of Both Worlds

    11 Serious JuJu
    12 I Can't Drive 55
    13 Heavy Metal
    14 Mas Tequila
    15 Dreams ( Acoustic)
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