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    07.19.18 @ 11:13 AM
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    Default Prescriptions without a doctor? Maybe...

    Someday soon, you may be able to walk out of your local pharmacy with prescription-strength drugs without having seen a doctor.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering creating a new category of medicines, midway between prescription and nonprescription, that would no longer require a doctor's prescription but be accessible only after consulting with a pharmacist.

    While no drugs have been identified as candidates, experts say medicines such as birth-control pills and migraine pain relievers, which patients already take with little physician supervision, could be among the first considered.

    The FDA plans to hold a hearing Wednesday to examine what it calls "the public health benefit" of the proposed drug category and is soliciting public comment until Nov. 28. The agency hasn't set a timetable for reaching a decision.

    Even the idea of the behind-the-counter classification is stirring up controversy. Some consumer groups and pharmacists say not having to go through a physician would make it more convenient for patients to get needed drugs. Physicians' groups, on the other hand, have raised safety concerns in lining up against the proposal.

    At least 11 other countries already allow pharmacists to dispense some prescription drugs without a doctor's involvement.

    In the United States, some nonprescription medications, such as certain cold medicines and the Plan B morning-after contraceptive, are already kept behind the counter.

    But those cases are different from the proposal because the pharmacist acts more like a gatekeeper and doesn't advise the patient on those medications, said Kristina Lunner, vice president of government affairs for the American Pharmacists Association.

    The American Medical Association opposes the process of letting patients skip a physician's input.

    "When a drug product is considered to be unsafe without supervision, a physician should be responsible for supervising the use of that drug," Dr. Rebecca Patchin, an AMA board member, said in a statement.

    The potential for patients' diagnosing themselves troubles Dr. Stephen Permut of the Temple University School of Medicine.

    "They might be having tension headaches or they might be having a brain tumor," Permut said.

    He also worries that if doctors aren't doing the prescribing, they won't know which medications patients are taking, leading to the possibility of dangerous drug interactions.
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    03.07.10 @ 05:18 AM
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    Right. The minute doctors are taken out of the financial loop of writing prescriptions and taking kickbacks from the drug companies for them is the day there will be everlasting peace in the middle east.
    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
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    07.24.11 @ 03:36 PM
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    actually, i think this would create even MORE revenue for the pharmecutical companies and create a situation where the pharmacists could start getting in on the kick back action...

    i've wondered when this was going to happen...not that it's an inherently bad thing...folks with limited access to healthcare who suffer from migraines or need access to other stronger than OTC meds will benefit from this...but still...anyone who thinks this is about anything more than creating more revenue streams is naive.



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