The somewhat aptly-named Gibson Robot Guitar went on sale today, after 10 years of development. A second set of pickups monitors the pitch of each string, and actually transmits information up the strings themselves to the tuning pegs, which then automatically rotate to correct the pitch (video on Gadget Lab).

The guitar comes calibrated for concert pitch (A=440). For playing with people who are already in another weird tuning, you can set any string to any note within its range, and the other strings will automatically tune to that. The system also lets guitarists switch between alternate tunings quickly and easily.

The Gibson Robot Guitar will be available on December 7th at 400 locations throughout the world. If you already have a favorite guitar, you'll be able to pick up a $900 accessory to add Powertune. Each store will only stock 10 units of this limited edition "blue starburst" model, but if it's a hot seller, you can bet Gibson will double down and add "PowerTune" to more guitars next year.