You'll get the concept after reading the whole post. Essentially, you're averaging out the number of songs on two albums you're combining. The catch is, you have to combine two Van Halen albums that came back to back (i.e. WACF / Fair Warning). And since there's 18 songs in full, you could do between 7-10 for the "album":

Take for example, I did two:

Fair Women First

Mean Street
Romeo Delight
Hear About It Later
Everybody Wants Some!!
Sinner's Swing!
And the Cradle Will Rock...
Push Comes to Shove
In A Simple Rhyme

For Unlawful Carnal Balance

The Seventh Seal
Judgement Day
Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
Pleasure Dome
Humans Being (this can be added, since it came around the same period)
In 'N' Out
Right Now
The Dream Is Over

I know you're thinking "Why mess with perfection?" But I thought it was a neat little idea and I'd like to see what some of you all come up with. I'll probably come back with more later!