Two Bradenton, Florida teens say they were just showing off school spirit when they put on bikini tops and shorts and painted their bodies in honor of their school's homecoming. But things turned sour when they got to school, and administrators say they were showing too much skin. Now, the girls say they believe they're victims of a double standard.

At first all they received were compliments. That is until administrators at Manatee High School say people started to complain, saying the girls appeared to be topless.

When Cummings and Altenbach ran into the principal and were told they had to leave because they were causing a distraction and were violating the school’s dress code, they were shocked.

“He just told us to leave," Cummings told MyFOXTampaBay. "Just flat out, 'You ladies need to leave.'”

Cummings said she responded by asking, “How come you're trying to kick us out, but the guys did it before?” She says her principal’s response was, “I'm not going to debate this with you."

Monica's mother, Becky Willmon, says the body painting was nothing more than good, clean fun.

"She was very covered and the way they were painted you couldn't see any cleavage," Willmon told MyFOXTampaBay.

The girls see the expulsion as a double standard, which they say they will continue to challenge.

School officials are now reviewing their dress code policies.