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    Romeo Delight pvhawkeye08's Avatar
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    Bettendorf, Iowa
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    Van Halen - Van Halen II
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    Mean Street
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    12.21.10 @ 06:56 PM
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    anyone have these van halen mp3's to share?

    I'm tryin' to fill out my VH Discography. These are a few of the songs I couldn't get a hold of...

    Women and Children First
    --Tora! Tora!
    --In a Simple Rhyme

    Fair Warning
    --Hear About it Later

    If you guys have these mp3's and can send them to me (email: or PM/put them on here?) I'd REALLY appreciate it. I might post up more requests in the future if I get stuck on a couple more, but this is it right now. THANKS!

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    Eye suffacozza YEWW! Goo's Avatar
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Fair Warning
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    Me Wise Magic
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    07.19.18 @ 12:08 AM
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    You might also want to consider purchasing the CD's dude.

    We can't go around hosting or providing access to stuff you can easily purchase. Eddie and a gang of lawyers will come around in a truck and rip Bretts scrotum out!

    A little zen....... Headed your way.......



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