Horse Smuggled Onto Atlanta Flight In Dog Crate

POSTED: 6:59 am EDT September 26, 2007
UPDATED: 8:41 am EDT September 26, 2007

ATLANTA -- Someone smuggled a horse onto a plane that landed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Tuesday, authorities said.

The small show horse was stuck inside a dog crate in the cargo area of the flight from Germany to Atlanta. Customs agents said the horse was on its way to Guatemala.

Officials said it appears the passenger who brought the horse onto the plane was trying to make it appear he was bringing a dog.

Customs agents said the owner did not have the proper permits, and the carrier the horse was in was too small.

CBS 46 reporter Joanna Massee showed other passengers a picture of the horse in the dog crate.

“It's inhumane. I mean look at it. Would you like to be cramped up in something like that? I wouldn't,” said one passenger.

“That's cruel and unusual punishment for that poor little horse,” said another traveler.

After getting the horse out of the crate, officials examined it for diseases and fed it hay and water.

Officials found the horse to be healthy and made arrangements for the horse to be shipped in a proper container.

The Department of Agriculture said it will issue a report of violation against the airline and the horse’s owner.