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    Default Was Mike really that great?

    Guys - Enough is enough, I can't read this stuff any more can I ask a contructive q? I've seen some of the most insane threads regarding Mike and Wolfie with various folks proclaiming Wolf to be nothing short of Satan whilst Mike is obviously the second coming who does a lot of work helping folks out of Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe.......oh, he doesn't does he - he's a multi-millionaire bass player who used to be in Van Halen as currently works with their former singer........I can't imagine that Mike is wasting all his energy venting his frustrations as he climbs into one of his many hot-rods, earns another cool million from his business ventures - so why are you???

    This is rock and roll folks, nothing more..

    1) Wolfie's vocals are good, as are Eds - great for backing Dave and certainly no worse than ANY of the old boots I have, and better in most instances. Mike vocals, although distinctive - weren't great....go listen to Live Right Here Right Now when he sings his line in Jump, listen to Somebody Get Me a Doctor.......are you seriously believing that that is 'great'?????

    2) Do the guys on here KNOW what happened with Mike and Ed / Al? Didn't think so - for all you know Mike was caught in bed with Valerie and that is why he ain't in the band.....YOU DON'T KNOW.

    3) I would have loved to see Mike in on this - but he isn't. So what!!! If Wolfie wasn't in this it seems logical that this wouldn't be happening...but as this is speculative, so I don't pay too much attention to it. Wolfie is doing a great job - give credit where credit is due, even if you don't like it - you have to accept that it is good.

    I truly believed that Dave would never be involved again, and if it did it would be a train-wreck (based on Ed 2004 and recent'ish live shows from Dave in the UK), however this has surpassed everyones expectation.....if you can't see how good the work they've put in so far is, go cross refer against some of the old boots...listen with a truly open mind to the quality of the backing vocals will become clear that you have no grounds for any of the bullshit posts that are going around.

    I know I am going to get flamed - but I don't really care, my eyes (and ears) are open to what I am seeing and hearing. I am happy to be totally wrong with my assumption that this would be a nightmarish cash grab....a cash grab it may be...but it isn't a nightmare!!
    Ed: Actually, the last record I bought was by a band called Brand X
    Al: I make my living by viciously attacking something
    Mike: ...actually I don't drink.
    Sammy: Are these yours Eddie?
    Dave: Look at that ankle - dirty girl!

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    This is one stale discussion.

    Yes, he was really that great. No, that's not why I'm closing your thread. We've gone round 'n round about it for months. Add this to one of the gazillion active Mike threads.



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