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    Default My thoughts on the Michael Anthony debate

    I am very optimistic about the fact Wolfgang will be playing bass with Van Halen. Having seen every VH tour except for the first two and attending the US Festival and Monsters of Rock,I feel I have a valid oppinion on the subject.

    One thing that drove me crazy was the fact that Michael was always louder than ED! Every time I saw them he was heavy in the mix, all of those SVT amps and cabs sure cut through and drowned Ed out.

    As far as his musicianship goes...well he has good feel but his parts are very basic. Wolfie will have no problem if he can overcome the nerves and tune out the distractions. Mikes harmonies were the backbone of the VH vocal harmonies no doubt, but I have faith that young Wolfie will come through with flying colors.

    One thing is for sure, he will not be drowning out his father and I am glad to see all of those guitar amps on stage. The sound team may have Wolf pumped into the pa via a direct box to ensure a balanced mix that is not low end dominating in the house.

    I agree that Mike will be missed but you have to give Wolfgang credit for getting the core of the band back together. Without him, this tour would never have materialized. My hat goes off to him and I am glad he has the passion to push his Pop.

    Rip away all.....let me have it!!!!

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    No offense but there are so many threads you could have put this in, we don't need another Mike vs. Wolfgang thread.
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