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Thread: Warren Haynes

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    Warren Haynes

    A musician's musician

    Livewire's exclusive interview with
    Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule's Warren Haynes
    Sept. 13, 2007

    As lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the band Gov't Mule and
    long standing member of The Allman Brothers Band, Warren Haynes has
    seen a lot. He's been with the seminal band for the most part of 20
    years and his influence and fluid style of play has helped The Allman
    Brothers to redifine their sound in the last decade. He fuses many
    styles in his music and rejoices in the freedom of inspiring
    improvisation. He comes from the school of thought that every show
    should bring a different setlist and in turn a new vibe from the night
    before. It's the organic beauty in music that is his muse.

    Livewire: Do you agree with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame calling the
    Allman Brothers Band "the principal architects of Southern rock?"

    Warren: Yeah, I agree with that - there are some members of The Allman
    Brothers that are allergic to the term "Southern Rock" because of the
    negative connotations. To quote Gregg Allman I heard him tell someone
    "Because rock 'n roll was born in the South - the term "Southern rock"
    seems a little redundant." But that genre of music was definitely
    created and defined by the Allman Brothers.

    Livewire: Do you feel that your improvisational abilities fit nicely
    within the architecture of the band?

    Warren: I sure hope so. All the musicians in this band grew up playing
    improvisational all their lives. This group of guys chemistry is one
    that any given guy can take the lead at any given moment in their own
    way. So, the band is relying on interplay as much or more as it ever
    has. The band is searching for and breaking new ground on a nightly basis.

    Livewire: What do you know about the legendary Allman Brothers Band
    Fillmore East shows before it closed in June of 1971?

    Warren: Quite a bit. You know the folklore. I think the Live at
    Fillmore East captures the band at their best and that is the best
    live record of all time! This is probably my favorite Allman Brothers
    album if I had to choose one.

    Livewire: Do you feel that Duane Allman had reached his musical genius
    before he died or were there boundaries yet to be broken?

    Warren: Oh, he was definitely soaring to bigger and bigger heights. He
    wasn't even 25 when he died and he had the world ahead of him. Amazing
    as he was at that young age it was certain he would have gone way
    beyond that.

    Livewire: Haven't you been with band since 1989?

    Warren: Yeah, except for the 3 1/2 years that I left. Left in '97 and
    came back in 2001.

    Livewire: After leaving the band in 1997 to fully focus on your side
    project Gov't Mule - how did you think your replacement Jack Pearson

    Warren: Well Jack and I are old friends. I was actually a lot more
    involved in bringing Jack into the band then some people might
    realize. I'd been talking to Jack for quite some and told him that
    Gov't Mule had reached a point that was going to require our full time
    efforts and "I think it would be a good gig for you." I'm a huge fan
    of Jack's playing.

    Livewire: Since your return to the Allman Brothers Band full-time in
    2001 - the bands output has been critically acclaimed. Do you see
    yourself as a big reason for this?

    Warren: I just think that it's all about the big picture. The
    chemistry that the band has right now is really strong and it
    continues to get better and better and better each year we're together.

    Livewire: What's your take on the Allman Brothers forcing Dickey Betts
    out of the band in 2000.

    Warren: Well I wasn't around then so I don't really have an opinion
    about that. That would be a question for someone who was there.

    Livewire: Do you like the term "jam band" applied to your style of music?

    Warren: Again, the same way that "Southern rock" is a limiting
    phrase...No one wants to be stereotyped or labeled. If someone looks
    at the phrase "jam band" as a genre of music that is full of
    open-minded musicians that play to an open-minded audience then I'm
    all for it. But, if you conjure up this musical image of endless
    noodling with very little direction and not to reliant on songwriting
    then I don't think that applies to the Allman Brothers or Gov't Mule.
    In my opinion - the whole jam band scene is an open-minded scene and
    hopefully it continues to grow and grow and become even more
    open-minded. It should contain reggae music and jazz, bluegrass and
    rock n' roll and soul music and contain all genres of music as long as
    they have something in common with their works in progress and the
    people that are making that music are improvising and growing. You
    know, one of the big things in the jam band world are bands playing a
    different set every night to keep their audience coming back and I
    think that's a beautiful thing. I'm a big fan of songwriting and
    regardless of a bands' ability or desire to improvise really doesn't
    matter. There have to be songs that maintain your attention and prove
    some sort of timelessness.

    Livewire: You've played with the best in the genre - what musician has
    wowed you the most?

    Warren: Well, playing with John Scofield is a mind blowing experience
    - he is one of my favorite living guitar players. It's always a
    learning experience playing with him and a little intimidating as
    well. I've been so fortunate that I've played with so many people that
    I look up to. You know, playing with Bob Dylan was one of the
    highlights of my life. Playing with Willie Dixon was one of the
    highlights of my life. Albert Collins, John Lee Hooker...unfortunately
    some of these people are no longer with us and I've been very
    fortunate to have played with them.

    Livewire: Has Bonnaroo turned away from it's roots and become more indie?

    Warren: I think Bonnaroo has definitely branched out in some different
    directions. Some might think that they've strayed from their original
    course, but I think it's all cool. It makes sense to me to reach out
    to different music lovers to add to the fold so to speak. I think
    every year is going to prove to be different and I don't know if it
    could maintain it's steam just by being a "jam band" festival. I think
    diversifying is going to be a shot in the arm. Either way it's a
    wonderful event and I look forward to see where it goes every year. I
    mean Bonnaroo has done Radiohead and that was a cool stretch.

    Livewire: Would you fit Lollapalooza?

    Warren: Allman Brothers or Gov't Mule?

    Livewire: Either one.

    Warren: Probably not...I mean Gov't Mule stretches the gamut, from
    blues to reggae to blues to soul music. The core of the band is rock
    'n roll. The things that work both in our favor and against us - we
    never allow ourselves to be stereotyped so people really don't know
    what to expect unless they dig it up on their own. It's where our
    stubbornness demands that we be.

    Livewire: What's next for Gov't Mule?

    Warren: We actually have an EP coming out. We call it an EP even
    though it's almost 70 minutes long. It's coming out in October and
    it's called Mighty High and some of the sessions are from the High and
    Mighty sessions and it's a lot of dub style, reggae influenced stuff,
    remixes of some stuff that was included on the last record, a lot of
    weird covers and stuff. It's definitely different than anything we've
    ever done before. We're also releasing a double DVD probably in
    November that will be called A Tail of Two Cities. It contains a
    complete show from Chicago and a complete show from Boston. We're long
    overdue for a straight-up live Mule DVD. We feel like the time is right.

    Livewire: Are you guys getting hit hard by all the free downloading?

    Warren: Everybody is getting hit on free downloading, What the Allman
    Brothers do is sell the actual concert to the exiting fans at every
    show. Gov't Mule does something similar on What it does
    is make every note available to fans. If we have a bad show it's out
    there and if we have a great show it's out there too.

    Livewire: Will the Allman Brothers Band ever call it quits?

    Warren: The way the band's playing and the way that the band is
    getting along - I don't see that in the immediate future. I think the
    band always has felt that if it ever turned into a nostalgia act then
    it would be time to quit. We're a long way away from that.

    Livewire: When it's all said and done where do you want your
    gravestone laid - in The Allman Brothers Bands' backyard or in Gov't

    Warren: Good question. I'm not quite sure how to answer that one.
    (laughing) Next to my wife wherever that is.

    [Edited on 9/13/2007 by Angelemerald]

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    Warren obviously doesn't understand the "you-can't-be-in-two-bands" philosophy. Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, the Phil Lesh band, his own solo performances... yep, he just doesn't get it.

    Haynes rocks and will continue to have my attention. Awesome player, especially with his slide licks.

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    07.20.18 @ 05:50 AM
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    Eddies theory that you cant be in two bands is the most moronic statment ever.

    Tell that the millions of musicians that work for peanuts and play with anyone for money.

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    12.31.07 @ 11:17 AM
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    Yes folks, only on the Links: A good interview of a great guitar player followed by people slamming a member of Van Halen. Stay tuned, they'll be more in every other thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hank Bukowski View Post
    Yes folks, only on the Links: A good interview of a great guitar player followed by people slamming a member of Van Halen. Stay tuned, they'll be more in every other thread.
    That's right Hank the Tank, and deservedly so...Ed brings all this on himself by making feeble attempts to justify the ousting of a well respected member of the band who he called "Saucey Sobolewski" and then turning to the old "you can't be in two bands.." horse shit. Ed is the consumate fuck up when his mouth opens and more and more moronic statements resembling crap comes rolling out. So for the record count on the experienced, educated fan to do this anytime an opportunity presents itself.

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    You know, there is a certain dignity in the way Warren Haynes goes about his career. I dunno...a "humility", that is just so damned inspiring. I mean it, the guy has a "horn to toot" if ever there was one, yet refuses to do so. There is a class about the fellow that is truly admirable.

    As for chops (I hate that word..."chops" refers to one's teeth, and the ability to manipulate a reed, it came from jazz long ago and was bastardised to mean proficiency/skill at an instrument), there is a staggering amount of evidence. Honestly, in my opinion forget the dull as dirt early studio records by the Mule, and seek out Gov't Mule "Live At Roseland Ballroom".

    I know it won't be easy, as I barely found a copy when it was just released and new. Yet this three piece band (including a wonderful, sadly now deceased bassist by the name of Allen Woody) would go into pieces inspired by John Coltrane and Charlie Parker...astounding musicianship.

    This guy is one of those true "musicians", the kind of fellow that honestly inspires respect not only amongst fans, yet his peers as well.

    Thank's for providing the interview, chain. Much appreciated.
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    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
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    Warren's the man. Can't wait to see the Mule next month in Winston-Salem.

    Another great interview can be found on the Gibson website along with the custom "Haynesburst" Les Paul offering. Worth a read, and the guitar's pretty nice, too.

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    Warren can play so can Trucks. I listen to the cds with them in the band all the time. I like it when they play smaller clubs. Catch them at the Beacon next time they play there.

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    Default The lastest from Gov't Mule and Warren Haynes

    Cool interview and it looks like the new Mule disc, "By a Thread" will be released in early September:

    Warren Haynes Hits the Studio for Gov’t Mule LP, Soulful Solo Disc
    by David Browne

    7/16/09, 12:49 pm EST

    “Can we turn this up to 100 dBs?” Warren Haynes asks an engineer at a New York studio, where the eighth studio album by his band Gov’t Mule is being mastered. The technician complies, and “Frozen Fear” — a simmering, R&B-flavored track — erupts out the speakers.

    The song is the result of what the guitarist calls “a very cathartic, creative month” this past January. After realizing how busy he would be in 2009 — thanks to a spring tour as part of the reunited Dead, followed by summer and fall shows with the Allman Brothers Band — Haynes booked time at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin right after Christmas. “We thought, ‘It’s gonna be a busy year, let’s get started with the new record right away,’” he says.

    What emerged were, in fact, two records. The current lineup of Gov’t Mule — guitarist-vocalist Haynes, drummer Matt Abts, keyboardist Danny Lewis, and new Swedish bass player Jorgen Carlsson — laid down over a dozen tracks for By a Thread, the band’s first album of new material in three years. The tracks range from Southern-fried rockers like “Stepping Lightly” and “Any Open Window” (”very Hendrixy,” Haynes says) to high-powered country (”Gordon Jones,” about a fictitious war profiteer) and folk (an electric version of the traditional “Railroad Boy”).

    The band also recorded two different versions of another Haynes original, “Broke Down on the Brazos” — one featuring guitar dueling between Haynes and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, and another (with horns) that reminds Haynes of Parliament-Funkadelic. “We didn’t want to be pigeonholed as a rock band,” says Haynes, “because we have so many influences.” Since Gov’t Mule are without a label after breaking with ATO, Haynes paid for the sessions himself and is in the process of shopping the record to a new label.

    Just before the start of the Mule sessions, Haynes also cut what he calls “the record I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.” Still untitled, the album — recorded at the same Austin studio — is Haynes’ nod to vintage soul and R&B, complete with a backup band that included Meters bassist George Porter Jr. and keyboardists Ivan Neville and Faces founder Ian McLagan.

    Haynes knows the results may throw Deadheads and Allmans fans for a loop. “In some ways we are part of the jam band community,” he says. “But there’s also a part of that community that’s a little close-minded and should accept a lot more genres of music than it does.”

    Meaning his solo album won’t have as many of the extended guitar workouts Haynes is renowned for? “In my mind, it might have started out that way,” he chuckles. “But by the time we made the record, there’s plenty of guitar solos!” warren-haynes-hits-the-studio-for-govt-mule-lp-soulful-solo-disc/

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    Default Warren Haynes In Musical Overdrive With Gov't Mule, Allmans, Dead

    a little more...


    July 17, 2009 11:49 AM ET

    Gary Graff, Detroit

    Thanks to tours with The Dead and the Allman Brothers Band, a new Gov't Mule album and tour and a planned solo album, Warren Haynes is having his busiest year ever -- and is enjoying it immensely.

    "I think it's a matter of having opportunities that are available," Haynes tells "Gov't Mule is a laboratory I need to keep going all the time. The Allman Brothers...has been amazing, but I know at some point it's going to slow down, and the same with The Dead. I don't expect to always be this busy, but I don't want to look back a few years from now and go, 'Yeah, they asked me to do a Dead tour but I was too busy.' "

    Haynes is currently on the road with Gov't Mule, though the band has pushed the release of its new album, "By A Thread," back from its original July 28 release (a new date is pending). The quartet recorded its first studio set since 2006's "High & Mighty" at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio in Texas, with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons guesting on the track "Broke Down on the Brazos." It also marks the group's first studio recording with bassist Jorgen Carlsson, who joined the Mule in 2008.

    "I had a lot of songs already written for the record, but we wrote three or four songs in the studio and that's something very different for us," Haynes reports. "We might get one new song written in the studio per record if we're lucky, but never three or four. There's just something fresh about what's going on in the band; it's a very transitional period, but everybody is really excited."

    Haynes is also enthused about the eventual release of a solo album he recorded that he says "hearkens back to my earliest influences...soul music but it also kind of sounds like when Freddie King and B.B. King and Albert King did their more crossover records, where they were mixing funk and soul with blues." Haynes recorded the album with Meters bassist George Porter, Jr., Ivan Neville and Ian McLagan on keyboardist and Ron Holloway on saxophone. Neville and Ruthie Foster sing, along with Haynes.

    "I'm really excited about it," says Haynes, who hasn't yet set a release date for the solo set. "I did two records back to back, solo and Gov't Mule, both at the same studio with Gordie Johnson co-producing, but they couldn't sound more different. It's really bizarre."

    As for his other concerns, Haynes says he's confident the Dead is "going to do some more," especially with the group's 45th anniversary in 2010. And the Allmans, he says are "really clicking right now" as the group prepares for a run of dates in mid-August. The band is also "talking" about recording: "We have maybe half of a record written now, maybe even more than half," Haynes reports, adding that there are no concrete studio plans yet.

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    06.30.18 @ 03:06 AM
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    Well heck, I was all excited about getting the new album on the 28th, my birthday. Oh well, September isn't far off, and it wouldn't be the first time a release date has been pushed back. Really looking forward to hearing the Brazos song with Billy Gibbons.

    It's funny, I remember Warren saying several years ago that he wouldn't always be this busy. The dude just goes out and plays.



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