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    Default Black Light Burns: Wes Borland's newest venture...

    With Wes Borland reportedly turning down spots in Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle, then rejoining and leaving Limp Bizkit again, here he is with what initially appears to be a successful return in 2007 with Black Light Burns.

    With Borland writing many of the songs during his time off from Limp Bizkit, but soon things in Limp Bizkit became very quiet, and Borland himself stated that Black Light Burns was now his main project, and anything else he did, including Limp Bizkit, was a side project.

    Borland told MTV News in March that Limp Bizkit was no longer a functioning band. Durst wasn't happy with those comments and has shot back at the guitarist by reassuring fans that the rap-metal band are anything but over.

    "We cannot be labeled as a 'dying breed' when we are all very much alive," Durst wrote on his MySpace page. "Do not let this nonsense go on any further. I am with you."

    Durst said Borland knows nothing about Limp Bizkit's state because the other members chose not to tell him. Borland retorted on the MySpace site of his new band, Black Light Burns, that he just wanted to let fans know what was going on with Limp Bizkit from his perspective.

    Durst also recorded a 57-second ditty called "Unacceptableinterlude" that he uploaded to his MySpace site to vent his anger towards the guitarist and show his contempt for Black Light Burns. Here's a sample of his prose:

    "I'm kind of glad you finally found a 'man'/Stop making plans to manipulate fans and/Finally stick to something you believe/'Cause you had us all fooled and, I'll admit, even me."

    Since 2001 Borland has clearly been influenced by Nine Inch Nails and his pal Trent Reznor, because the sounds of Nine Inch Nails clearly come through in Black Light Burns. Adding to this is familiarity would be current NIN drummer Josh Freese and NIN bassist Danny Lohner both backing up Borland on Black Light Burns debut Cruel Melody. Rounding out the studio recording is--according to Cruel Melody's liner notes--some dude named Josh Eustis who did some keyboard work and programmed a lot of the 5th member of the band into the CD.

    Much like Nine Inch Nails, Black Light Burns consists of two entities, the studio band, and the live band. Some members of the band that recorded in the studio may not be able to tour with the band, and future live members might contribute to future CD releases, therefore lineup changes could occur.
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    My oldest saw Black Light Burns a couple of months ago. Got to meet the band and got autographs. He dug the show and said they were all pretty fan friendly.
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