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    05.19.18 @ 05:34 AM
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    Default Without You Live and The Beatles?

    you know during the performance of Without You live on the VH III tour in Live in the 10 the end of the song they start singing, "We can work it out...we can work it out..."...then.."Life is very short...there's no tiiime".

    I was working today and I heard a Beatles song and it was the same thing? What song is it and am I correct.
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    03.07.10 @ 05:18 AM
    Liked 10 Times in 9 Posts's The Beatles "We Can Work It Out", what was the original B-side to "Daytripper". DJ's at the time preferred "We...", so they flipped it over and began playing the tune instead of the A-side. And it became a hit as a result.

    VH often stuck a few bars of it on the end of "Without You" during the "III" tour.
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    01.01.08 @ 09:00 PM
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    Re: the Beatles. [start rant]For 3 years I've been waiting for them to release their stuff online. and for like one-and-a-half to two years of late they've been saying that there's been an agreement and that the music will be released on itunes or whatever. But that it won't be until 2008. They said 2008 way back in 2006. Shit . . . how long does it take to release this shit already? It's worse that when Lucas took eons to release Star Wars on Home Video [/rant]

    Yes I know there are a myriad of flaws in my rant but I feel compelled to bitch about the symbolism.



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