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    PM Goo with your concerns OLO's Avatar
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    07.16.18 @ 02:54 PM
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    Default Here is the deal!!! Read before you even THINK about a NEW THREAD!!!

    We are going clean this forum up a whole bunch. Its going to make it easier for you the user, info will be easy to come by. Right now its a giant cluster fuck. Some of you are going to be pissed at me, I don't care, so send your complaints to Goo, he wears womens undies and dances around with flowers in his hair.

    We will have ONE thread for each city. I dont care if your city has more than one show. I will repeat it again for those of you that are slow.
    ONE THREAD FOR EACH CITY. Do not start another to ask for tickets or sell tickets. ALL info about that cities show will go in that ONE thread!!!!

    We will have other threads regarding other stuff that comes up. It may get moved or closed, all complaints are to be sent to Goo. If Goo is on another porn bing and cant be reached send then to Top Timmy. Timmy likes PM's. Seenbad is a fucker so don't even bother, plus he will hit on your wife or sister or mom.

    Its going to be rough for a few days, please be patient while we organize this place.

    Your Mods in this room are Scotty and Sucka. Feel free to make them fun of them.

    If you have suggestions PLEASE feel free to let us know. Do not take it personally if we don't use them.

    OLO - The peoples Mod.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
    And thats about what its worth.

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    07.16.18 @ 04:29 PM
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    You are the world's sexiest mod, OLO.



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