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    Sorry if this has been posted before. I can't vouch for this site.....but they do seem to have some cool VH stuff. Including some footage of the US Festival.

    here's the link:'s.htm

    here's the description about halfway down on the US festival:
    The majority of this tape highlights the band around 1984/1985 and 1996 Reunion, plus a timeline retrospective of the entire careers. Clips include now infamous DLR backstage US Festival interview with Mark Goodman of MTV, Concert footage from the Showtime broadcast of the US Festival (Runnin with Devil, Pretty Woman, You Really Got Me/Happy Trails), Eddie's presentation of his red striped guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe, Interview by Martha Quinn with Ed and Val after the presentation at the Hard Rock, DLR on Letterman 1985 talking about the status of the band following his solo release, the 1996 Music Awards where VH reunites with Dave for the first time in 10 years plus the backstage interview after the awards presentation. A great compilation and look back on the DLR era.

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