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    05.01.13 @ 02:09 PM
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    Default We're Selling 4 & 5 Star VIP Packages for this Saturday's Show!

    FAN HALEN will be performing in Huntington Beach this Saturday, August 18th at Gallagher's located at 300 PCH and we're selling 4 & 5 Star VIP Packages to the show! These are going to sell out so you will want to act quickly!

    Ok, here's what you get...

    Each 4-Star VIP package gets you:

    - A ticket within the first 20 rows (since this club has no rows you get to sit or stand in any open spot available).

    - Exclusive Fan Halen gift (probably a guitar pick, maybe a sip of one of the band member's beer, which should be cold)

    - 4 Star Package Price: What ever they happen to be collecting at the door that night (probably $5)

    Each 5-Star VIP package gets you:

    - A seat inside the ramp! (since this club has no ramp you get to sit or stand in any open spot available...I know this is no better than the 4 Star but wait, there's more...)

    - Fan Halen 5 Star souvenir (Probably a guitar pick and a sip of one of the band member's beer, which again should be cold but not guaranteed)

    -Backstage tour! That's right, you get to come back stage and tour the kitchen and stock room areas and, get this, you get to participate in a 3-minute meet and greet, which may include the band but more probably the club's bus boy (disclaimer #1: busboy may not speak English). Finally, I'm sorry but we'll have to insist on only one picture per person during the M&G! (disclaimer #2: If you take a picture of any band member without his hair piece (wig), your camera will be wrestled away from you and that picture will be immediately deleated).

    - Pre-show party! The club opens at noon so what ever time you want to show up and "pre-party" is a-ok with us!

    -Exclusive Fan Halen gift bag! (see 5 - Star souvenir above)

    - Crowd-free merchandise shopping! This is a huge perk, now that you laid down the big bucks for the 5 -Star VIP Package, you get to spend more money with no non-VIPs to bother that's first class!

    - Parking (not free but very convenient)

    - 5 Star Package Price: What ever they happen to be collecting at the door that night (again, probably $5). We realize the 4 - Star VIP Package is the same price but there's really no way for the guy at the door can differentiate.

    All kidding aside, if anyone wants to come to the show Saturday I will add you to the guest list, just email me at

    -Derek (MojoDojo...I was DLR4VH but lost my password and for whatever reason was never able to get that name back)

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    07.12.18 @ 10:58 PM
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    VH should have gotten that fat dude with the Hooters shirt.
    Right here I say....



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