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    Default Florida Shows!!! Where are they?!?!?!

    Where the hell are the other 25 dates to this tour?!?!?! i live in like almost mid florida so i can pretty much drive anywhere in the state cuz ive probably alredy been there!!! so where the hell are the florida shows?!?!?! like very band on tour goes usually to atleast one FL show tampa, oralnda, miami, west palm beach, ft.lauderdale!!!!!!! somehwere me and my dad love van halen and dnt really mind drivin to any of those places so where the hell is the other 25 dates i'd like to kno bcuz hopefully FL is atleast one of em!!! cuz honestly from the tour dates ive seen the closest is north carolina and we aint drivin or flyin there!!! luv em but my dads not gonna pay for a plane ticket or gas so thats outta the question message me if anyone finds out the other 25 dates!!! k PEACE!!!

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    When more dates are announced, you won't miss them.



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