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    Default Interesting Van Halen Neighbor story

    Found this photo and story on Flickr, don't think it's been posted here and I thought it was kind of interesting:

    It all started with mr graygoosie, before he was my mister having his high school locker next to Alex VanHalen. Then they made a band, Eddie, Alex, mr graygoosie and someone else I forget. I happened to live across the street from the VanHalen boys in Altadena, CA and I would crank up my Fleetwood Mac to drowned out the sound of them practicing in the garage. Little did I know that my future husband was across the street playing guitar with the noisy brothers.

    Back then it was Alex who played guitar and Eddie that played drums. That all changed in a fit of anger, each other thinking they could do better than the other. So years pass, I moved, mr g quit the band to make some steady money at the supermarket and that's where I finally met my mister. All those days he was across the street jamming and I meet him at the market.

    This photo was taken with Michael Anthony the bass player at an annual Christmas party at the Holiday Inn in Monrovia, CA I think this was 1986 or so??? I'll find out, David Lee Roth was still in the band but that's a story for another day.
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    Interesting.... I have to say once a VH fan always a VH fan for me.

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    so the chick in that photo is the wife of the guy who originally played in the first band with evh and avh in it? or have I read that wrong?



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