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    Default Missing 75-Year-Old Man Says He Was Held Hostage By Prostitute

    A 75-year-old man recently reported missing was rescued from an Orange County house early Wednesday where he claims he was held prisoner for 14 days without food after following a prostitute to the home for sex, WOFL

    Investigators said Lloyd Miles Bryant, of Jacksonville, told them he purchased a prostitute and brought her to a home the woman suggested located on 41st Street on Orange Blossom Trail.

    After the pair had sex at the residence, Bryant told police that he was jumped by four young black males.

    The assailants stole Bryant's money and debit cards and kept him inside the home for at least 14 days, the man told police.

    Officers said Bryant somehow stole a cell phone from inside the house and called 911 for help while hiding in a bathroom early Wednesday. He told police that the men were armed.

    When deputies arrived, four men refused to come out of the house and a standoff ensued.

    Officers were seen shining bright lights and using a bullhorn to ask whoever was inside a home to surrender peacefully.

    At about 6:30 a.m., police said the standoff ended without injuries.

    Four people were taken into custody and police are searching for one other man in connection with the incident.

    Bryant was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center. He was listed in good condition. Bryant told officers he had not had food for 14 days.
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    06.20.18 @ 09:29 PM
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    I'm still having trouble believing this 75 year oldie is still gettin some action.

    Glad he's okay tho.
    RIP - Classic Van Halen

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    Quote Originally Posted by smithjc View Post
    I'm still having trouble believing this 75 year oldie is still gettin some action.

    Glad he's okay tho.
    LOL, exactly what I was thinking. The old coot must be quite the man.



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