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    07.20.18 @ 11:34 AM
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    Default Youth Hockey Coach Among 22 Arrested in Sex Offender Sting

    BARTOW, Fla. Twenty-two men were arrested and charged with soliciting sex from a minor over the Internet during a four-day undercover operation, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

    The men included a volunteer youth hockey coach, an airport security screener and a volunteer firefighter. They ranged in age from men in their early 20s to a 60-year-old man who is a registered sex offender in Ohio.

    Investigators used Internet chat rooms and instant messaging to direct the men to a suburban home west of Orlando, where they believed they were meeting a teenage girl to have sex, the sheriff's office said in a news release.

    The sting began Thursday. Each of the 22 men arrested face multiple charges.

    "It's disappointing to know that we have arrested child predators who come from public service industries," Sheriff Grad Judd said in a statement. "This reconfirms our dedication to our number one cause, and that's keeping children safe."

    Volunteer youth hockey coach's MySpace site
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    Axxman and his chainsaw have their work "cut out" for them this time...
    2-time Fantasy Baseball Champion.

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    06.07.15 @ 09:30 AM
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    You know, there are so many wonderfully perverted things you can do in bed with consenting adults. Why waste your time with little girls?

    I know why, of course. They have little tiny penises and they're afraid of getting into bed with a real woman who might laugh at them, so they decide that their own sexual satisfaction is worth permanently screwing up the life of some young kid.

    Oh well, you pays your money and you takes your choice. Good luck, guys. I've heard that the other inmates in prison just looooove the pedophiles. I hope you stay in there for a long, long time.



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