In Indianapolis every December, I am treated to an amazing live guitar performance. Rods and Cones, a band based in Indy plays a "once a year" reunion show arounf the holidays. These guys made a few records back in the 80's and then went their separate ways. The guitar player, P.K. Lavengood, nows plays for an east coast band, Johnny Eddie.

Their once a year show is totally spontaneous, consisting of never rehearsed guiatar classics.

If you're ever in Indy -- or have a chance to see these guys, it's a kick ass night of music. Drummer is great too.

Check these links out . . .

This one is worth it alone because of the sweep picking at 2m 25s. Just killer. Plus check it out at 3m00s.

Red House, Yes, he smoked the blues too. Solo at 3m00s and great.

Whipping Post, Can he play slide? Yep. 4m00s

Panama, Guess they had to do at least one VH! I saw this show and they also threw in the intro to Hot For Teacher.

Other killers at this show were Have A Cigar and Ten Years Gone.