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    Dad Accused Of Killing Infant With Cocaine

    HOUSTON -- A Texas father has been accused of killing his infant son with cocaine, Houston TV station KPRC reported.

    Houston police said 8-month-old Dennis Ray Driver Jr. died at Ben Taub Hospital on Dec. 29 after being rushed from his home. In-depth forensic tests conducted by the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office found that there was cocaine in Dennis' blood and stomach, police said.

    Dennis' death was ruled a homicide due to acute cocaine toxicity, officials said.

    According to the Houston Chronicle, Driver told authorities that he fell asleep on Dec. 28 with his 8-month-old son lying on his chest. And when he awoke, the baby was not breathing, he said.

    A grand jury indicted Dennis' father, Dennis Ray Driver Sr., on Tuesday. Driver, 25, was arrested at his apartment and was charged with murder. The infant's mother was not home at the time of the incident.

    The Chronicle reported that prosecutors do not think Driver fed the cocaine to the baby, but said he allowed the child to come in contact with the drugs.

    "We're not alleging that this was an intentional killing," said Harris County prosecutor Murray Newman. "It's more of a question of access."

    Driver has been charged with drug possession several times since 2000.
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