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Thread: $150,000 Guitar

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    Default $150,000 Guitar

    Anybody get the Guitar Center "Platinum" catalog for only their "platinum" customers? I wonder how I attained that status since the only thing I've bought at GC in the last 5 years was a Line 6 Spider II head for $350?

    Eddie is on the cover with his 25k strat... But that's nothing.

    Martin has a $150,000 "History of Flight" acoustic with all kinds of crazy inlays of the space shuttle, Neil Armstrong, etc...

    "As a proud owner of this amazing instrument, you will get more than just a guitar. Accompanied by Guitar Center CEO Marty Albertson and staff on the Guitar Center corporate jet, you'll be flown from any city in the contiguous United States to the C.F. Martin & Co. Headqurters in Nazareth, PA. Once there, Martin CEO Chris Martin will lead you on a personal tour through the legendary guiatar maker's historic facilities, after which you will be presented with the 'History of Flight' acoustic."

    Since it's being sold through Guitar Center, do you think Martin will still bother to set it up?

    Isn't the whole "uber-expensive guitars being built for millionaries that will NEVER play them" thing getting a little Spinal-Tapish?

    Is this where the future is headed? You can either get a Chinese piece of shit, or drop 3k + for a good guitar...

    THIS is why I loved Peavey Wolfgangs... Kick-ass American made guitar for +/- $1,000...

    Can't wait to see what Ed/Fender try to get for their Wolfgangs... Hopefully Fender has come up with a router that can cut a respectable neck-pocket...

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    $150K for an acoustic guitar and a hob-knob session at Martin...

    Fuck that go buy a house!!
    Woke up this mornin, got Blue Moon in your eyes...

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    I smash 6-figure guitars!



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