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    04.08.16 @ 03:20 PM
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    Default Attention all guitar players and techs...

    I need your help/input/knowledge etc... I have the same problem with all my non-floyd lock nut guitars. The problem is that I can not, never, ever can keep the G string in tune! I literally have to retune through every song, and in fact should some how during the song re-tune on my paul, washburn, fenders etc. I know the guitar string itself is wrapped on the peg properly, the tuners are fine and aren't slipping, the nut is fine on them all and been lubricated. The fucker just can't be bent at all and stay in tune. While I am a heavy-handed player, nothing out of the ordinary. So basically I end up being stuck with my Wolf ( things could be worse) to gig/play with, with any reliabilty. I know historically the G is a problem, but not like this. WTF is going on? Help,I am sick of this. Andrew, Brett,Buehler anyone!

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    07.20.15 @ 04:47 PM
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    did you take it to any techs in your area?

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    04.02.15 @ 06:26 AM
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    try lubricating the nut with some gound up pencil graphite and vaseline that always works for me, also do the guitars in question have those little butterfly string retainers?
    they can cause some problems so adjusting them may help.
    on another note i always tune my g-string very slightly flat anyways i dunno why it just sounds better to my ears and no one else in the band complains.

    hope this helps a little


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    12.24.17 @ 07:48 PM
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    I always tune G-string sharp. Barely.
    Low E-string tuned flat. A bit more than barely.



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