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Thread: I wonder if...

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    11.13.14 @ 06:00 PM
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    Default I wonder if...

    anyone out there has any of the pictures that were out takes from Van Halens first album shoot? I have seen a bunch from Kiss' first album. I don't know why but I have always loved seeing pics that were discarded from official album cover shoots.

    I would LOVE to see all of the other shots taken that day. You know there were a bunch shot and I have NEVER seen any of them. Has anyone ever?

    Just curious. Its funny because Eddie on the first album cover doesnt really even look like him. I remember the first time I saw the album cover, I thought that Ed was hispanic LOL! Then it clicked when I thought about his last name : )

    I could look at old, rare VH pics all day and never get bored. Hell, I could look through thousands!

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    01.04.08 @ 08:36 PM
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    I'm with you on this. Over the last thirty years I have never seen outtake shots from that session. I believe the photographer was Elliot Gilbert. He did allot of album covers back in the 70's. Either Elliot or Warner brothers has those negatives just sitting around crumbling. I like how they all had that fire in the belly look on the first album, but on the second album they were all disinfected and blow dried (lame). Imagine if they released the outtakes from the first album! Edward even said he has footage from several Whiskey shows from 76 or 77. Why are they sitting on all this material that would be fascinating to the original fans much less generate some big cash? Get it out there before some wild fire sweeps up the canyon and takes out 5150.



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