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Thread: Brady vs. Union

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    05.11.09 @ 02:17 PM
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    Default Brady vs. Union

    Submitted for discussion:

    New England Patriots QB - and fledgling real estate flipper - Tom Brady is under fire by the Plumbers & Gasfitters Union who want their brothers on the job at Brady’s Beacon Street rehab installing all of the bowls - Super or otherwise! “We’re not going to any Pats games until he builds union,” said Francis Jensen of Local 12, who with about a half-dozen of his brethren threw up an informational picket line in front of No. 12’s Back Bay condo yesterday. Added union captain Tom Koney: “Here’s a guy who gets paid millions for what he does but he doesn’t believe in paying plumbers a decent wage.” The picket line was aimed at flushing out Tom’s plumbing contractor A&K Plumbing of Revere which, the plumbers say, doesn’t pay the “established community standard” wage of $61.75 an hour plus benefits and does not employ any women or minorities. ... The plumbers say that Brady was aware of their pipe gripes because they sent a letter to the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s agents before throwing up the picket line, and they never heard anything back. “Our members are great Patriots supporters, and we didn’t want to embarrass him,” Cotter said. “But we are disappointed he didn’t respond.” Cotter said Local 12 has a special place in their hearts for No. 12 - natch - and feel that the lack of response was a “slap in the face.”

    If I could get 61.75 an hour, I'd only work 10 hrs a week!
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    This would have fit in the "NFL Offseason" thread, bro.
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    Yes, thank you, Craig. Going to close this up and paste the article in the proper thread.

    Interesting stuff.
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