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Thread: Regret

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Regret is a powerful emotion. We all have something that we have either done or didn't do and will reget it for the rest of our lives. Right now the boys in Vh and Dave are very close to facing this emotion. Four very talented individuals who are teetering on the brink of life long regret. Sure, Ed may not regret the fact that he won't let Dave back in now, but down the line KAPOWEE! The "R" word will eat at him for the rest of his life. Every day there will be others questiong him why this didn't happen. It will fester and eat away at him from the inside out. Fortunately, he has the power to prevent this sickening feeling from ever happening. Unfortunately, it seems like he is condemned to let this occur. As for Dave, he'll get it to. It's like a contagious disease. he seems happy and has that who gives a shit attitude....on the outside. You can't tell me that on the inside, he isn't being eaten up by regret. He looks in the mirror every day to see one more hair falling out. One more wrinkle digging in. Regretting why he is STILL not a member of this once great band. Yet there is hope. Though hope seems to dwindle every day, there is still hope. They hold destiny in their own hands. They can sit back and think of how great the old days were and regret never making a comebck of biblical proportions. They can also sit back one day and and think "At least we gave it a LEGITIMATE shot".
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    02.14.17 @ 07:28 PM
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    then again, they don't really need to do anything they don't want to.

    if there is any regret at all, it should be about what caused the original split back in '85 - Dave's EGO.
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    03.29.06 @ 01:41 PM
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    I think he would probably regret not spending more time with his wife and son at a time when they are feeling especially close more than not spending several months with a guy that he despises.
    I know I would.

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    01.28.16 @ 01:53 PM
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    Regret is something that we all feel and confront through life, over things we've said and done. I would probably look back at things I've said about the band at one time or another, and if they come out with new music and give us an explanation of some sort, I could look back on some of those thoughts I had with regret.

    The thing to remember for everyone who is bailing and pissed off about the riddle and the lack of news from the band concerning the WB split, is that we got some news, not directly from the band, but news none the less. I think we as a whole thought the dam was ready to bust open, with news every other day or so, but obviously, things are not at that point. Face it, no news they give us in any form, will do until we get the news of new music and who the singer is. They know it, we know it, and that is how they will deal with it. When something is done and they are pleased enough with it to share it with us, then we will hear something. Not a one of us ever got on this wagon because of the things the band did off the stage, concerning the business side of the music world. But now, that is all we are left to discuss. And for everyone that slams the band for how they've handled this situation, you might be able to do it better, but chances are you'd do it the same or handle it even worse. These guys have been in this business most of their lives, so I know they talk to other guys in the biz, and hear who and what to avoid on the business side, but sometimes a bad apple can make its way into the barrel.

    I really do think if we hear from them again, the music from the instruments may be similar to the classic sound, but the message of the songs is going to be about things that guys who have lived almost 50 years on this planet have been through.
    Dave, if he is back, has been on adventures to places many of us will never go to, and he could tell great stories through song, and take us there in our minds, the same way he introduced us to the "sonic wave" and "moonbeams".

    If Dave could just realize it was those words that came out of his brain and his mouth that were such a big part of why we dug the music in the first place. The show was cool for its time, but the main thing has always been the music. Without the music, there would never have been a forum for Dave to get up and do his thing to in front of a crowd. I'd totally dig it if he stood there in one spot all night, no running around or kicking, and sang his ass off live. Hell yeah, do some kicks and spins and dancing before they go offstage before the encore, and do the drum riser leap at the end of the show. That would be homage enough to those parts of the classic show. The classic music would speak for itself,as would the new music with less emphasis put on the "show". I loved Dave's barebones stage this past summer.

    A great new album with Dave would help put the shine back on their star, but the live show will be the one many fans remember them for, simply because it would be freshest on their minds. I know that if it happens, it will be about the music. And that will be fine with me. If anyone needs to see them in their prime, during the party years, I will loan you my US festival tape. It is quite possible that Dave's routine outside of the songs, was the nostalgia part Ed doesn't care for. I heard the same jokes 2 times in 3 years from Dave, and knowing they were coming, I had to force a laugh. Imagine hearing them night in and night out for a whole tour. The rap between the singer and the audience can take the show to the next level, if the singer embraces each audience, and talks to them with whatever is on that singer's mind at the time. A simple "Sure smells like you guys are havin a good time tonite" from Dave would do for me than "I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend" or "I forgot the fuckin' words". Dave has a brilliant mind, why not fucking use it? He freeballs from time to time on the radio, hell, why not live. Fuck those rehearsed, rehashed lines that are old and tired, and just be Diamond Dave. Diamond Dave to me means never knowing what you are going to hear next, and I hate to say it, but that's not been the case for a while.

    I hope Dave is back, but here with us in the present. I think his views and the way he can relate them to us in his lyrics, could fit it quite comfortably with many events of today's world. Lawyers, big business, government, relationships, the list goes on and on. I'd love to hear his take on a few of these issues through music. Sorry for the ramble, but right now it's all I've got.
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    10.12.15 @ 05:43 PM
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    I used to say that I live my life without looking back and without regrets, but I was 18, 19 years old at the time. Now that I'm almost 40, it's certain that there are things that I regret, but everything happens for a reason, and everyone is doing the best they can to make the right decisions. I have a father and a brother that I have no contact with whatsoever and I have some regret over that, but the reasons that I don't have anything to do with them are very valid and my choice, although difficult, was the best for me, my health, my sanity, and utltimate happiness. If Edward cannot let Dave back in his life because of something said or done back in 1985 (or leading up to that) then I have to understand that decision. It's unfortunate but some people leave you no choice. But I wholeheartedly agree that Edward would have a much bigger regret if he didn't give the time to his family that they deserve and need (and I'm sure he needs too). Your health, your happiness, and the people closest to you are the most important things in the world.

    Let's just enjoy Van Halen for it has been and always will be instead of what it isn't at the moment or may be in the future.
    Could this be magic?

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    08.17.07 @ 05:09 PM
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    From all reports, it sounds like Dave's getting on with things in his way, and Ed's getting on with things in his way.

    After years of waiting and hoping that there will be a reunion, though I'm not ridiculously optimistic... if it happens, then I'll buy the CD and I'll hit the concert, and enjoy myself... but until then, I'll be content to watch Dave on tour. I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for "THE" announcement... but, just never know...

    JS, now that Sinatra song is bouncing around in my head... and I guess, even if Ed has regrets someday, he can at least say that he did things HIS way. There's a certain amount of pride that comes with being able to say that, even though all or most of us choke at the thought that VH may never take the stage again.

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