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    Default Crossing Guard Faces 1,000 Sex Charges

    Pa. Crossing Guard Faces 1,000 Sex Charges in Assaults Against 7 Children Since 1998

    BERWICK, Pa. ó A school crossing guard accused of molesting seven children was charged with more than 1,000 counts of sexual assault.

    Dale Hutchings was arrested Tuesday and charged with 305 counts of raping a child, 356 counts of aggravated indecent assault against a child under 13, and 356 counts of indecent assault against a child under 13.

    The assaults took place between 1998 and 2007, and all of the victims were under 13 when the attacks began, police said.

    Hutchings, of Berwick, worked as a crossing guard near Orange Street Elementary School. He also worked for the Berwick Area Ambulance Association and was a high school band booster.

    Officers rushed Hutchings from his court appearance into a waiting police car Wednesday. He was wearing a bullet proof vest because of threats made by some in the community who are outraged by his crimes.

    A crowd of people shouted at Hutchings, calling him a coward as he ducked down in the back seat of the police car.

    "Shocked, I'm shocked," Wanda Eveland said. She grew up with Hutchings and lives just a few doors down from his house. She thought he was a nice guy but now she's disgusted.

    "Oh my gosh this is terrible, this is awful," Eveland added. "He shouldn't have ever, ever done it. Nasty."

    Hutchings used to be a well liked member of the community. He volunteer with a local ambulance company, worked with the high school band, he was even a crossing guard at Orange Street Elementary.

    He was sent to Columbia County Prison on $300,000 bail.

    Police began investigating Hutchings on Monday when an 11-year-old girl accused him of putting his hand down her pants as she made breakfast at his house toward the end of the school year, according to court documents. Police were led to other victims who also said they were molested.

    One teenager, now 18, told police Hutchings molested her more than 300 times between the ages of 12 and 15, according to court documents.

    Police said they found homemade videos when they searched his house late Tuesday.
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    Challenge for the Community of Berwick: That bullet proof vest is no match for a good headshot. Aim high.

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    Okay why the hell is this guy taking kids to his house?????

    Frickin perv! I hope he gets what's comin to him along with a nice dose of prison justice!!!
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