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    Sam Hagar on VH-1's "Monterey Pop Turns 40"-June 16, 2007

    Sorry for getting to this so late, yet I only saw the commercial last evening.

    The show premieres tonight, and appears to have a handful of interesting folk lined up for interviews. The show is on at 9PM(EST). (Here's a link to other airtimes: )

    "VH1 Rock Docs will premiere an original documentary, Monterey 40, on Saturday, June 16 at 9 p.m. on VH1 Classic and VH1. Monterey 40 will tell the story of the historic event from its conception to event to aftermath to lasting impact from the perspective of the musicians, organizers, audience members and visual documentarians. The film will include new interviews with Paul McCartney, David Crosby, Michelle Phillips, Pete Townsend, Grace Slick, Bob Weir, Mickey Dolenz, Ravi Shankar, Clive Davis, Jann Wenner, Paul Kantner and Sammy Hagar, among others."

    VH1 revisits Monterey Pop Festival By Ray Richmond
    Thu Jun 14, 11:17 PM ET
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - This superb installment of the "VH1 Rock Doc" franchise returns us to the weekend of June 16-18, 1967, and the Monterey Pop Festival, which somehow pales historically beside Woodstock but was at least as musically and culturally significant. Looking 40 years into the rearview mirror, the first of the gargantuan rock/pop happenings proved a seminal moment for the emerging drug culture and exploding underground music scene.
    "Monterey 40" gathers many of the survivors (including David Crosby, Grace Slick and promoter Lou Adler) for interviews that, paired with the abundant footage, weave a vivid tapestry of images that do the event -- and the era -- full justice. At the same time, the documentary spells out the values war that had erupted between the music acts based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In a time of such conservatism, intolerance and apathy, this hour feels less like climbing into a time machine than witnessing the social tsunami of a different planet entirely.

    The bill of acts that played that weekend at the Monterey Fairgrounds reads like a musical hall of fame: Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Mamas and the Papas, the Jefferson Airplane, Simon & Garfunkel, Otis Redding, Big Brother & the Holding Company (headed of course by the wailing Janis Joplin), Country Joe and the Fish, and Eric Burdon and the Animals. Joplin and Hendrix were still relative unknowns who used the festival as their own personal coming-out party. But at least equal to the bracing performances was the open consumption of weed and acid -- the LSD use so prevalent that a "bad trip tent" was set up on site.

    But despite the presence of cops in riot gear, Monterey Pop never veered out of control, proving a peaceful, eccentric affair that helped define a distinctive period. The fine "Monterey 40" brings it all back in style.

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
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    11.25.14 @ 11:50 PM
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    Are any of you linkers going to Monterey show this weekend? If so a local band from this area will be playing Sunday night second to the last show on the Garden Stage. The lead singer will blow your mind; she has got some serious pipes.



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