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    Default 3-year girlfriend ban for Canadian

    OTTAWA, Canada (AP) -- A Canadian man won't be available for a relationship over the next three years -- by court order.

    An Ontario judge has ruled that Steven Cranley cannot have a girlfriend until 2010.

    Cranley, who's 24, pleaded guilty earlier this week to charges stemming from an assault on a former girlfriend. He punched and kicked his girlfriend during an argument after their break-up. When police arrived he stabbed himself with a butcher knife, puncturing his aorta.

    Doctors say Cranley has a dependent personality disorder, and finds it hard to deal with rejection. And they say he'll probably re-offend if he gets involved in another romantic relationship.

    Cranley has served nearly 150 days in custody. The judge decided that was enough jail time.
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    Brings pussy whipped to an entirely new level.

    I believe that level is called pathetic.
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