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    02.15.11 @ 07:58 PM
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    Default Musicians Institute - Hollywood, CA

    Just wondering if anyone on here has heard of this school. The reason I ask is it seems that there are quite a few musicians on here and I'm curious if anybody is familiar with this school and has any feedback on it. Maybe some of you in the So Cal area have heard of it too?

    My oldest son, who is 19, will be starting school there this Fall in the guitar program. His goal is to become a professional musician. We spent 4 days in Hollywood back in Jan. touring the school and he got to attend classes for 2 days. Very impressed with the school and all - just trying to get some opinions other than what the school has to say about itself.

    Thanks for any info. anyone might be willing to share.

    Link to school.

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    02.28.14 @ 06:54 PM
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    here's a preview.......

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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    MI (home to GIT) is an outstanding place to go. Your son will need to know that they will expect 110% from him every day. When all of my friends went through it the program was only 1 year, today it's longer and you can get a degree.

    The school has branched out since the 1980s.
    I had four friends go through GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) and NONE of them even play guitar today.

    Boring lecture follows:

    Your son needs to figure out what he thinks he want's to do in Music. If he just wants to be a guitar player, in the end that BA in guitar will only come in handy if he wants to teach. MI will give him excellent tools for the music industry in the areas of recording , performance and professionalism. It will NOT make him Eddie Van Halen. It will make him a good, well rounded guitarist and if he does have talent then GIT will pull it out of him and help him shape it. Even so, the day they hand him his diploma he's then forced to then compete with everybody else in the world who wants to be in the industry. That means that he's going to be compeating for work with guys from Harvard, USC and Juilliard. He's also going to be compeating against established guitarists who are nowhere as good but they have a "Name".

    Since your son has signed up, I would tell him to focus on the studio, technical and business side that the school offers more than the guitar. Get that "Pro Tools" education and the management stuff because those will pay off better than the guitar. Hopefully, the folks at MI will broaden his thinking so he has more options once he's done.

    It's a great school, don't let him quit.
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