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    Default Eddie just called me.....

    I just had about a 10min. conversation with Eddie Van Halen. No yelling just two adults talking. needless to say Ed is NOT very happy with me because he belives I have crossed the line with him and Janie. It was never my intention to get my hero angry or upset, it would be beneficial for all of us to relize word's hurt and that people do brows this site often. We should all respect other's and watch the word's we use. I would like to say that Im sorry to Janie for anything I said on this site that she feels put her in a bad light it was a complete misunderstanding on my part. Eddie said when there is something to report about the band he will let us all know. As for the phone messages Eddie left on my cell phone.... They came from someone who was angry when he called and Eddie got me to admit that if anyone harmed my wife and kids or said something I thought was not right I would also say things in anger. I would ask the two linkers who heard the cell phone messages to also think about the feelings of others and not talk about the situation any longer. I will also say that I was not totally honest as to who I was when calling Janie and for that I am also sorry. Ed is a private person who wishes to be left alone and that's how it should be. When it comes to music Ed will let everyone know, as for anything else his life is private! Sorry for all the crap Ed! and to Janie your a class act!!!

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    Alright, he and Ed seem to have made their peace. No need to continue any discussion on this.
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