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    02.17.19 @ 04:58 PM
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    While you vote for Van Halen and DLR on VH1 please click on the Rock Show request E-mail. When they took the best live video off the polls Unchained was tied (I believe)
    Let's be the tie-breaker and request Unchained be played this Friday!!! Let's do this via E-mail (E-maul)

    Whoooaaa TRIGGER!!!
    I am just a punk kid who plays guitar.
    What is understood ..should not be discussed:"In Dave We Trust"

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    Good call, BC. I'm gonna write them right now.

    "Dude, he looks like Rumplestiltskien. Get back under the bridge mu-fugger!!" - An enlightened assessment after having viewed a photograph of Ray Daniels, provided by seenbad

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