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    Default Bouchard - Dunaway - Smith

    NEAL SMITH –Drummer, Percussionist, Songwriter
    Neal Smith’s percussive thunder rolls on creating the backbone of Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith’s powerful sound. An exciting live performer, Neal never fails to bring the house down with his dynamic showmanship. With the Alice Cooper Group, Neal sold over 25 million records worldwide and has numerous gold and platinum albums to his credit.

    DENNIS DUNAWAY –Bassist, Vocalist, Songwriter
    Dennis Dunaway, original bassist for the Alice Cooper Group, is well known for his cascading bass lines that soar to new heights in Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith’s explosive sound. His innovative songwrting was important to the concept of the Alice Cooper Group. Now his writing skills are utilized once again with this new group. Dennis together with Neal, creates one of the tightest rhythm sections in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. Dennis has seven gold and four platinum records hanging on his walls.

    JOE BOUCHARD –Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter
    Joe Bouchard, singer and guitarist for Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith, brings his song writing expertise to this exciting new band. Bassist with Blue Oyster Cult for sixteen years, Joe has a wealth of studio and road experience. With BOC he earned nine gold and two platinum discs. Joe has collaborated on songs with Dennis and Neal for many different projects since BOC toured as the opening act during the Alice Cooper Group’s glory, gory years.

    In 2001, Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith released their debut album, Back From Hell.The album contains several tracks co-written with Ian “Mott The Hoople” Hunter, as well as a re-recording of the BOC classic Fallen Angel.

    The following year, Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith played selected dates in Europe, the Paris show of which was released as a live album early in 2003.

    With a live show featuring the BOC standards, (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, Godzilla and Astronomy and a range of classic Alice Cooper tracks, including, Eighteen, Under My Wheels, Be My Lover, Billion Dollar Babies and School’s Out alongside the cream of the Back From Hell album, this is classic rock at it’s very best.

    Don't Fear The Reaper

    School's Out
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    Don't read too much into this. The band is pretty much a "garage-band" type of deal, done primarily for fun. Neal Smith has done exceedingly well in real estate over the years, and as such doesn't need the money. And considering what little money there is for the taking in a venture such as this, that's more than likely a good thing.

    Thanks for the vids. I'd read about this outfit for years, yet due to the fact their albums are distributed via "postage stamp" sized labels, I'd never heard or paid for them.

    Which in and of itself, is a good thing as well.
    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
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    Don't drink the Jim Jones punch. They're called theToxic Twins for a reason...



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