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    12.13.11 @ 01:09 PM
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    May 14th was Wiretap the Internet Day

    Jeez, Chimpy's administration is at it again.

    Someone asked me in a thread a month or so ago


    "What freedom's/privacies are we losing as Americans?"

    There are quite a few examples but for now this is a fine example of how we as Americans are losing our rights.

    I think Bush's philosophy is "Everyone is a terrorist until proven otherwise."

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    01.21.15 @ 07:57 AM
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    I'll be glad when Chimpy is out of there.
    ALEX IS GOD!!!

    I've been doin' this for 'bout 20 years now, and I'll tell ya, to this day I still don't know the right drumstick from the left drumstick -Alex Van Halen



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