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    05.04.07 @ 07:45 AM
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    Default Custom Custom in a Mahogany Tele

    Finally joined.

    So I've searched just about everywhere I can think of and can't get a real good answer to this. I'm looking for a bridge pup for my HH tele. It's mahogany w/ a maple top and 25.5" scale. Not LP warm, but certainly not Tele bright either. I'm just about sold on a Custom Custom for the bridge. I'm not really looking to nail the EVH tone, but I am looking for something comparable to VH1 and/or 1984. Again though, I'm not trying to nail it. Just looking to get a lead tone that I like, and Dave era EVH is as good as it gets IMO, which is why I'm really leaning towards the CC. Anyway, my biggest concern is the Custom Custom turning to mush in the mahogany. Anyone have any experience with a Custom Custom in 25.5" scale mahogany?


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    07.04.16 @ 07:03 PM
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    I've only owned one mahogany guitar--a Les Paul--and I sold it last year. But I built a Tele last year with an ash body and put a SD mini '59 in the bridge position. I've been surprised at the warmth it has, despite the usual "pop" of the ash body. I believe Eddie had a '59 in the 5150 Kramer. (Is that what was in it during the 1984 album and tour?)

    I have, however, heard very good things about the Custom Custom.

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    06.05.18 @ 03:20 PM
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    Hey there : I built a Warmoth Tele last yr with SD P-90's in the bridge & neck positions. The body is hard ash. I am very happy with the tone , sound of the guitar... I think the 59 pickup your referring to may have been in Franky, but I can't swear to it. Didn't Franky have a pickup from a Gibson ES-335 (1959) ?? Not sure about the Kramer...
    Hope your enjoying the Tele. CV

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    03.25.18 @ 04:26 PM
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    Well, VHI and 1984 are two COMPLETELY different tones.

    That said, you may be very happy with the Custom Custom, so long as you're not slamming it through a mega-gain amp with the gain cranked to 10.

    low bandwidth pickup through a low-bandwidth amp = no touch/feel/dynamics.

    The Custom Custom really blossoms in a guitar with a maple fingerboard and blocked Floyd. A blocked Floyd provides tons of bass and "snap", while the CC fills up the middle with brown warmth.

    You certainly won't be getting "harsh" tones out of it, which is really the only consistent characteristic of Eddie's playing throughout his career. Any agression, except for a couple tunes, should come from the picking hand.



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