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    5150. F.U.C.K
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    5150. Summer nights.
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    07.21.18 @ 01:50 AM
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    Default VH or related songs that bring back a certain time in your life?

    Is their a VH song or related song that reflects a certain time in your life? Whether its a good or bad moment. Everytime you hear the song you automaticcly go back to that moment in your life.
    For example, you fall in love, and its the greatest moment in your life and "When its love" is playing in the background, Whatever etc.
    or a bad moment, you've been kicked out of home and "House of Pain" is what you were playing at the time.
    They're just examples only.

    For me, here goes.

    "5150", "Summer nights", "Best of Both worlds".
    The Great old days, and the days I first discovered VH. I was 14, and played air guitar endlessly to these tracks and played them loud when Mum was'nt home. I'd love to go back to those days. They were happy.

    "Panama(live)" - from Right here, Right now
    This was a great year for me, and my first holiday alone with a mate of mine. We were 21 and wanted to go look for some sunshine. Right here, Right now had just come out. I had my VH t-shirt on all the time, taped the live album and "Panama" was the one song I'd always fast forward too or rewind too, whenever I was in the drinking mood. This version in my word, is better than the original, more atmosphere and the stage raps in the middle, and Sammys speech is very cool.

    "Humans Being"
    I was one pissed off human being at this time. My fave band had lost its best singer, and the greatest time in my life was over. The chapter was shut. I will never forgive the band for this moment. As much as I love this song, it still gets me a bit agro when I hear it. I was lost at this time, I did'nt know if Dave was in, or out, or if it was a hoax that Sammy was out. It was one time I never wanted, bot got it.

    "Halfway to memphis"
    I was hopelessly in love in 2002, with a Girl I loved, but she was living in Melbourne and a bit older than me. I went down to see her a bit and stopped with her alot. I'd remember coming home from seeing her, and sitting alone in my unit, and this song would be on. I dont know how the song had a preferance to the situation, but it was always on, and it reflects that moment. I have'nt seen the bitch in 5 years, by the way.

    "Little star/Eclipse" - from Sammys Red album
    I've been with the same girl since November 2005. We get on very well, very close, but there was a time around xmas when we had a 2 month break. Things were bitter, but I had hope, that we could pick up where we left off. I played this song not so long after I split, I was sitting out the porch, looking at the starry sky, listening to those words "Shine on, you little star". I knew we'd get back together, there was a message in there.

    Hope I have'nt bored you.
    I'm happy anyway. VH and Sammy have helped me.
    What is understood need not be discussed

    "Dont disturb my paradise. I've asked you once. I've asked you nice" - "SERIOUS JU JU"

    "I am in a blissful state. Dont bug me!!!" - Richard Dreyfuss "The Goodbye girl" 1977

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    12.17.10 @ 09:56 AM
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    Whenever I'm having a problem at home or at work, or I am depressed about something, I put on VH1 and it all goes away.

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    strung out....
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    02.28.14 @ 06:54 PM
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    Every time I eat really really hot and spicy food or a buncha taco bell and bloody mary's, I always think of "Fire In The Hole".....

    J/K, bud....

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    "Mean Street", Oklahoma
    Favorite VH Album

    The one I'm listenin' to.
    Favorite VH Song

    Can't pick just one
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    01.21.15 @ 07:57 AM
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    VAN HALEN all the time for me!!!!
    ALEX IS GOD!!!

    I've been doin' this for 'bout 20 years now, and I'll tell ya, to this day I still don't know the right drumstick from the left drumstick -Alex Van Halen



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